Missing Frames: Catching up with Cinema

No more excuses! Join these heroic podcasters as they plunge the depths of cinema to watch all the movies they should have seen long ago. From classics like Citizen Kane to fan favorites like The Princess Bride, your hosts seek to not only make up for their years of cinematic ignorance but to delight the masses with their thoughtful and entertaining examinations.


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Episode 80 - The Seventh Seal

Brad Gullickson returns to Missing Frames to help Shawn celebrate the 80th episode. This time around, they watch one of Shawn's favorite films, The Seventh Seal. Brad has never seen it before. In fact, Brad has never seen a single Ingmar Bergman...


 2020-04-19  1h14m

Episode 79 - Taxi Driver

Alex Calleros of the Lessons from the Screenplay team joins Shawn for a viewing of Martin Scorsese's breakthrough classic Taxi Driver. Alex and Shawn discuss their opinions on Scorsese's filmography, why Taxi Driver is Shawn's favorite Scorsese film...


 2020-04-05  1h13m

Episode 78 - Jaws

Tony Black watches Steven Spielberg's landmark blockbuster Jaws for the first time. As a massive Spielberg fan, will this rise to the top of Tony's favorites or sink to the lowest depths. One thing's for certain: the water puns and analogies will flow...


 2020-03-22  1h15m

Episode 77 - Brick

In this episode, Sarah introduces Shawn to one of her favorite movies: Rian Johnson's debut feature Brick. Will it live up to Shawn's high hopes or will the film's intricate twists and turns leave him baffled? Tune in to find out! HOSTS Shawn...


 2020-03-01  52m

Episode 76 - Titanic

Brian Bitner of the Lessons From the Screenplay team joins Shawn to watch Titanic, a film Brian has never seen before. They discuss the film's troubled production, its insane success and trying to separate the film's quality from its massive...


 2020-02-14  1h17m

Between Takes 0.29 - Sundance Film Festival 2020: The Final Word on Sundance with Brad and Lisa Gullickson

On his final evening in Park City, Utah, Shawn met up with Brad and Lisa Gullickson of the ITMODcast and the Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast to compare Sundance experiences. They discuss their favorite (and least favorite) films, top festival...


 2020-02-13  52m

Between Takes 0.28 - Sundance Film Festival 2020: The 40-Year-Old Version - Cinematographer Eric Branco

Shawn chats with Eric Branco, the cinematographer for Radha Blank's 'The 40-Year-Old Version.' The film premiered at Sundance 2020 and was just purchased by Netflix, so you can expect to see it soon. A few of the topics discussed include: - The...


 2020-02-12  46m

Between Takes 0.27 - Sundance Film Festival 2020: The Climb - Red Carpet Interviews

Shawn attended the Sundance Red Carpet Premiere for The Climb. The film was written by Michael Angelo Covino and Kyle Marvin who both star in the film. (And, because he's an over achiever, Michael directed it too.) Michael and Kyle play….Michael...


 2020-02-11  14m

Between Takes 0.26 - Sundance Film Festival 2020: Binti Interview - Writer/Director Frederike Migom

Shawn is joined by writer/director Frederike Migom to discuss her new film Binti, which premiered in the Kids section of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. Twelve-year-old Binti and her father, Jovial, are undocumented immigrants from the Congo, who...


 2020-02-10  26m

Between Takes 0.25 - Sundance Film Festival 2020: And Then We Danced Interview - Writer/Director Levan Akin

And Then We Danced was one of Shawn's favorite films from Sundance 2020. In this Between Takes episode, he chats with the film's writer/director Levan Akin. They discuss the controversy surrounding the film's production and how the film has helped...


 2020-02-08  20m