Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Mission Log is a Roddenberry Entertainment podcast with the sole purpose of exploring the Star Trek universe one episode at a time. That’s right, this podcast will cover six different series and 30 seasons of television by journeying into every one of the 726 episodes with a single mission: to explore, debate and discuss one of the largest science fiction phenomena of all time, Star Trek. Starting with The Original Series’ initial pilot and continuing chronologically until we reach the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, each week our hosts, Ken Ray and John Champion, will tackle a single episode, delving into the most historical and hysterical science fiction that Star Trek has to offer. Along with a variety of guests and interviews, Mission Log will attempt to reach Star Trek’s ethical subtext, understand it’s complex metaphors and finally figure out what was the trouble with those tribbles. Explore strange new details. Seek out new perspectives; deeper understandings. Boldly go where so many of us love to go, again and again. Join us for Mission Log!


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Supplemental 45 - Doug Drexler is Caught in the Nexus

This week, Academy Award wining makeup artist and Star Trek journeyman Doug Drexler joins a group of people in the Roddenberry Nexus in Sansar to talk about his moves from makeup to art department to computer graphics to how he got started in makeup...


 2018-10-01  1h2m

294 - Necessary Evil

Quark gets recruited by a dangerous dame for a box job that almost leaves him a stiff. Can a gumshoe like Odo solve that and a years old murder mystery? They both point to a con that moved a lot of lettuce to a lot of sharpers. Let Rom pour you some...


 2018-09-27  1h9m

293 - Rules of Acquisition

Pel isn't like your average Ferengi. He's loyal, smart, trustworthy, and has a serious crush on Quark. Pel also happens to be a female posing as a male since Ferengi only allow males to do things like business, reading, and wearing clothes. Will Quark...


 2018-09-20  56m

292 - Melora

There's a visitor on DS9 - Ensign Melora Pazlar. She comes from a low-gravity planet which means she's got some physical disadvantages in the space station's environment, but everyone there is glad to help her out. Except Melora doesn't want their...


 2018-09-13  1h11m

291 - Cardassians

Plain, simple Garak is back, though there is nothing plain nor simple about the young Cardassian he’s spotted on DS9. The kid’s name is Rugal and he was raised on Bajor, as a Bajoran. Things get even less simple when Gul Dukat gets involved. And...


 2018-09-06  1h3m

290 - Invasive Procedures

Verad is one of the 9-in-10 Trill who doesn't have a symbiont living inside him. He can't seem to get over it, though, and he's got his eyes on what Jadzia has... Dax. Can he steal the symbiont from her and escape to the Gamma Quadrant? If he does,...


 2018-08-30  1h3m

289 - The Circle and The Siege

Major Kira must suddenly deal with feeling useless, while Li Nalas has to learn to be the hero everyone thinks he is. Quark ends up on the right side of the law, while Sisko steps outside of Starfleet orders. War is hell, and it’s coming to Bajor...


 2018-08-23  1h13m

288 - The Homecoming

Li Nalas - famed Bajoran resitance leader - is alive!  Sisko gives Major Kira the green light to head to Cardassia IV to retrieve him. The people are happy to have Li back. Maybe he can bring peace to Bajor. Not everyone is pleased with Kira’s...


 2018-08-16  57m

Supplemental 44 - But, is it Star Trek? Or, Yet another one from the Rio

Incendiary for six-years running, John and Ken pose the age old question, “But, is it Star Trek?” Spoiler alert: Yes. And, no? Yet another one from the Rio goes into the Mission Log. 


 2018-08-09  1h5m

Supplemental 43 - The One with the Roddenberry Podcast Network

From Las Vegas, Nevada - Sue and Grace from Women at Warp, Elijah and Kenna from Priority One, Dr. Trek from The Trek Files, and John and Ken from Mission Log talk fandom and podcasts and the return of Picard on this supplemental edition of Mission...


 2018-08-08  54m