Come join MrMario2011 talk about modding, exploiting, a bit of game/console hacking, and everything in between!

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episode 58: ModChat 066 - SX Core/Lite Firmware Dumped, GTA 3 & VC Homebrew Ports, Atomiswave Ports on Dreamcast

Homebrew ports galore in this episode of ModChat! We take a look at some exciting ports of Grand Theft Auto 3 as well as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to the Switch and Vita. The Dreamcast gets some love as well with a breakthrough Atomiswave discovery, me...



episode 57: ModChat 065 - The Fall of Team Xecuter?

A recently unsealed federal indictment has revealed two top members of Team Xecuter were arrested, also citing a third person affiliated with product manufacturing. We've seen Nintendo really ramp up going after resellers of SX OS related products, espec...


 2020-10-03  56m

episode 56: ModChat 064 - PS4 6.72 Jailbreak, Egg NS Switch Android Emulator, PS4 Firmware Reverting Confirmed

Packing a punch this month with a slew of topics ranging from the PS4 to PS2, Vita, Switch, and... Pregnancy tests? The much anticipated 6.72 jailbreak for PS4 has released and is slowly becoming more stable with each update to the jailbreak itself. The ...


 2020-09-16  47m

episode 55: ModChat 063 - PS4 7.02 Kernel Exploit Released by TheFloW!

TheFloW enters and exits the PS4 scene with a huge development: a public kernel exploit working up to firmware 7.02! Although the latest public WebKit exploit released works up to 6.72, this is still great to have as it allows for a jailbreak currently o...


 2020-07-08  36m

episode 54: ModChat 062 - FreeDVDBoot: The Easiest PS2 Exploit Has Finally Arrived

Trying my hand at a "mini" episode of ModChat in which I only cover one topic, this time around being FreeDVDBoot from CTurt! This is the latest homebrew scene development and release for the PS2, and the biggest one at that. Now making unsigned code run...


 2020-07-01  40m

episode 53: ModChat 061 - SX OS Lawsuits, Gears of War 3 on PS3, Insignia OG Xbox Live Reboot

Another Switch heavy episode this time around thanks to SX Core and SX Lite units now getting into the hands of testers! Although it isn't all positive news on this front for anyone awaiting a device. Two new lawsuits have targeted a total of 9 reseller ...


 2020-06-03  1h6m

episode 52: ModChat 060 - An Infinite Amount of Leaks & PS4 Mira Project Released

The PS4 scene gets some awesome spotlight this month with the Mira Project now being released, allowing advanced users to compile and get to test out the framework for the future. We also get to see a bit of Lance McDonald's work on Bloodborne with an ex...


 2020-05-12  51m

episode 51: ModChat 059 - PS3 4.86 Update, Possible Switchless Switch, N64 on PS Vita

Another PS3 update has come in the form of 4.86, following this all of the major PS3 homebrew tools got their own updates as well! The Switch scene is discussed yet again with a PSA of hacked accounts, shipping updates on the SX Core / SX Lite products, ...


 2020-04-23  1h0m

episode 50: ModChat 058 - PS4 6.20 Jailbreak Progress, PS3 Toolset, Noble Live OG Xbox Live Project

This episode brings some new developments teased in the PS4 scene! One being SpecterDev's progress on the PS4 Toolkit, as well as a new incoming jailbreak from TheFloW? The PS3 scene gets a new toolset as well in the form of PS3 Toolset, released by bgue...


 2020-04-01  48m

episode 49: ModChat 057 - An OG Xbox All-in-One Projector Prototype Found?

Recently a never before seen original Xbox was shown to the public in the form of an eBay auction, with this being an all-in-one console and projector alleged prototype! This episode of ModChat takes a look at the listing of this console, as well as some...


 2020-03-07  35m