Come join MrMario2011 talk about modding, exploiting, a bit of game/console hacking, and everything in between!

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episode 82: ModChat 082 - PS4 9.00 & PS5 21.02-04.03 WebKit Exploit, Switch OLED Model Modified

Some exciting topics all over the place as old as the PSP to as new as the PS5 for this spooky episode of ModChat! We start things off with yet another PS Vita homebrew port, this being Final Fantasy V's Android build now ported to the Vita. We also get ...


 2021-10-30  37m

episode 81: ModChat 081 - Final Fantasy 3 & 4 Vita Game Ports, re3 Lawsuit, Spine & RPCS4 PS4 Emulators

The Vita gets a ton of love this month with a plethora of ports including Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy 3, Final Fantasy 4, and Doki Doki Literature Club! Like some kind of cruel joke, coming off the last episode of ModChat in which the Grand...


 2021-09-18  23m

episode 80: ModChat 080 - reVC Switch Port, Take-Two GTA Mod Takedowns, Right to Repair Passed

The re3 project has returned to GitHub, and with that comes another awesome homebrew Switch port, this time around for reVC! We also take a brief look at a Friday Night Funkin' port for... The PS1?! A new Xbox 360 NAND programmer has released called the ...


 2021-07-31  25m

episode 79: ModChat 079 - R3DUX (Open Source Xecuter 3) & PS3 4.88 Update

The original Xbox scene gets some more love with R3DUX, the open source reverse engineering effort of the Xecuter 3 chip! We also get yet another PS3 firmware update bringing us up to version 4.88 now, with a bit more under the hood than many would expec...


 2021-06-26  22m

episode 78: ModChat 078 - Despertar del Cementerio 9 Release & 16 TB USB Xbox 360 Patch

The Switch's newly implemented Bluetooth driver gets some love thanks to the release of nx-btred! Despertar del Cementerio makes a surprise and long awaited return thanks to balika011 taking the reigns on a new implementation of it. We also get to see an...


 2021-05-22  22m

episode 77: ModChat 077 - FreePSXBoot, CBOMB on PS3/PS4/PS5, Virtua Fighter 5 Port in Yakuza

The developments for the original PlayStation keep on coming, this time around with FreePSXBoot! Shortly after the release of the tonyhax, even better is it seems FreePSXBoot can be combined with tonyhax to provide a PS1 softmod using only a memory card ...


 2021-04-24  44m

episode 76: ModChat 076 - PS4 7.55 Jailbreak Released & Tips on Finding a 7.55 Jailbreakable PS4

Another episode, another release! This time around sleirsgoevy delivers with an updated and working jailbreak working on firmwares 7.50, 7.51, and 7.55 PS4 consoles! Along with discussing the recent jailbreak release, this episode also includes a buying ...


 2021-03-15  31m

episode 75: ModChat 075 - PS4 7.50 Jailbreak Released & tonyhax PS1 Softmod Backup Loader

Just a couple of topic this time around for this episode of ModChat, right after the release of ModChat 074! However we got a couple of AWESOME surprises for this episode. The first of which being a new jailbreak release for the PS4, this one being for f...


 2021-03-13  33m

episode 74: ModChat 074 - RetroArch Cartridge Dumper, PS2 MechaCon Dumped, OpenTuna PS2 Release

RetroArch gets a couple of awesome new developments in both the hardware and software departments! First being an upcoming open source cartridge dumper called the Open Hardware Project, and next up being a newly released core allowing for Sega Genesis/Me...


 2021-03-10  36m

episode 73: ModChat 073 - GTA 3 & VC Fully Reversed, Bloodborne 60 FPS Patch, MemCard PRO for PS1

Another episode full of games! This time around it seems the Bloodborne 60 FPS patch Lance McDonald has shown for a while now has finally been released for users to patch themselves. MemCard PRO was announced, without a doubt being the most powerful PS1 ...


 2021-02-17  26m