Monsters Vs Men

With attention to detail and an appreciation of the genre, a film snob and a fanboy explore the meaning behind monster movies.

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episode 128: Frankenstein

Eric and Alex wonder if Frankenstein aged like fine wine? Or is it about time to admit this movie is a crime? Does seeing Karloff make us scoff? Or does his performance portray a believable necromance? 



episode 127: Dracula (1931)

MvM 2.0 kicks off with the original Dracula, and we are glad to be backula.  Is Bela Lugosi as Dracula legendary? Or does this film lack anything scary? Find out on the new MvM!



episode 126: MvM 2.0 Trailer

Eric and Alex preview what is to come in the next phase of Monsters vs Men.



episode 125: Marvel Vs Men - Eternals

Eric and Alex tackle the divisive Eternals. Are the haters right? Or does this film deserve to be in the spotlight?



episode 124: Ask Me anything with Eric

Eric answers all of your burning questions!



episode 123: Marvel Vs Men - Shang Chi

Here's a taste of our Patreon offerings. Also, grade us on our Spider-Man predictions now that the movie is out! - Eric has finally seen Shang Chi! Did he hate it or love it? Did we like the mystical elements, you already know we loved the fights scenes ...


 2021-12-22  56m

episode 122: Ask Me Anything with Alex

Alex answers a bunch of questions of the cuff, and has a lot of fun doing so. Thanks for all of the questions!


 2021-12-20  1h9m

episode 121: Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Eric and Alex tackle the Gremlins 2. Is The New Batch a perfect match? Or does does it go down in flames because it's missing candy canes (among other things)? 


 2021-12-13  35m

episode 120: Gremlins

Eric and Alex discuss the holiday classic, Gremlins. Is there a lot to praise or is this film slim(lins)? Is Howie Mandel a godsend(el)? Is Stripes performance a bit trite? Find out on this episode of Monsters Vs Men!


 2021-12-06  41m

episode 119: Space Amoeba

Eric and Alex discuss that despite the lack of Space Amoeba, this film moves like a cheetah. Do these monsters capture the attention? Or do they not even deserve a mention? Is the story paper this? Does it lack characters within?


 2021-11-29  38m