Monsters Vs Men

With attention to detail and an appreciation of the genre, a film snob and a fanboy explore the meaning behind monster movies.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 51m. Bisher sind 67 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts

episode 63: Battle in Outer Space

Eric and Alex eject into the Stratosphere with Battle in Outer Space! Does Eric hate sci-fi? If so, what is wrong with Eric? Also, we discuss if this a monster movie or not. Plus the return of Monsterpiece Theater!



episode 62: The Mysterians

Eric and Alex discuss forgetting that a monster was even in this movie, despite our podcast name, and if this was the original beam battle that inspired the Heisei Era. Also we talk about the Mysterians plan and if it makes any sense. Plus, the return of...



episode 61: SSSS Gridman

Surprise! ****Spoiler Warning for SSSS Gridman**** An audible was called and Eric and Alex decided to replace the recap by asking Bryce (Professor Kaiju) to join us and talk about SSSS Gridman. We talk about  if a god can be changed by its creation, and ...



episode 60: Atragon

Here we are at Atragon, and it's coming at ya mon. The final film of our Toho G-Adjacent series! Is Atragon original? Or do its themes fizzle? Plus we tease a recap episode next week, but we aren't doing that anymore. So stay tuned for a surprise.



episode 59: Mothra

Eric and Alex tackle the giant Motha, and wonder, why doesn't it's larvae always look this good? Is Fukuda Toho's Batman? Or maybe their Daniel Day Lewis? Plus, the return of the Gwendar!


 2020-10-26  45m

episode 58: Varan

Does Varan test Eric and Alex in ways they never have been before? Or does this movie avoid the bore and surprise with high awards? Or maybe it's jut plain bad with almost nothing rad.  Plus, the return of the Theometer!


 2020-10-19  38m

episode 57: Rodan ft. Raffael Coronelli

Eric and Alex have finally moved on. Away from Godzilla and Gamera, and onto a new series! This one covering Toho's other big monsters! First up Rodan! Does it make us say, oh man, or do we both give it a pan? Plus our guest Raffael Coronelli joins us to...


 2020-10-12  1h0m

episode 56: Gamera Series Blow Out

All good things must come to an end. Eric and Alex say goodbye to the Gamera. Our final overall rankings are dished out in the only way MVM knows how. Alex struggles with his rhymes and Eric reveals our next series!


 2020-10-05  37m

episode 55: Gamera Heisei Hoedown

Howdy ya'll. Welcome to the Gamera Heisei Hoedown. Alex and his pardner Eric take a look back at the era and determine the best moments and once and for all, what the best Heisei Gamera film is. Join us for a little boot scootin' on Monsters Vs Men!


 2020-09-28  44m

episode 54: Gamera: The Brave

Does the final film of the Gamera series end on a high note or sink low? Did we like Zedus or did he make the film sink low? Plus the Theometer returns!


 2020-09-21  52m