Monsters Vs Men

With attention to detail and an appreciation of the genre, a film snob and a fanboy explore the meaning behind monster movies.

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episode 78: King Kong Punch Out

Eric and Alex wrap up King Kong with a Punch Out. Our final rating and rankings are sure to make some pout. Which big ape film stands tall above them all? And which ones fell into typical pitfalls? 



episode 77: Kong: Skull Island

Eric and Alex discuss the final Kong film before Godzilla Vs. Kong. Does Skull Island make a case for Team Kong, or does this monkey fizzle instead of sizzle?  Plus we discuss if this film really has shallow characters, and if we like Kong better alive o...



episode 76: King Kong (2005)

Eric and Alex discuss if this Kong by Peter Jackson relies too much on action, or does it leave us with satisfaction? This Kong is definitely strong, but is the film overlong? Does Jack Black need to be sacked, or is this his best act?



episode 75: The Mighty Kong

Is The Mighty Kong a bomb, or does it pass with aplomb. Ok, lets be real, its a bomb. Eric and Alex second guess their entire existence after this film, and apologize to their listeners if they watched this film.



episode 74: King Kong Lives

Does King Kong make the most out of returning from the dead? Or does this film belong in the ground instead? Was Kong the only one that lost his heart, or did the film lose it too? 



episode 73: King Kong (1976)

Does the first remake of the franchise turn off the guys? Or does this remake of Kong put us into song. Plus Eric and Alex discuss if Jessica Lange's acting is bad or good or who the heck knows. Also, is this finale better than the original?


 2021-02-01  54m

episode 72: King Kong Escapes

Eric and Alex return to Toho with King Kong Escapes. Will Kong get out of it wish just a few scrapes? Is the action a step back from the previous 3 Kong films? Are there any characters that are gems? Plus, a short what we got wrong! 


 2021-01-25  38m

episode 71: Son Of Kong

Eric and Alex tackle the smaller of two Kongs in Son Of Kong. What happens when Denham is given a second chance? Does the film have any sort of tonal balance. Is Son of Kong the real inspiration of the frachise? Or is it just not jive? Plus the Gwendar r...


 2021-01-18  38m

episode 70: King Kong (1933)

Eric and Alex discuss King Kong the giant ape. Did the film make the hair stand on our nape? Or was it such a bore that it caused us to snore? Are the effects something to applaud, or did it just make us say "oh lawd". 


 2021-01-11  35m

episode 69: Marvels Godzilla: King of the Monsters Comic

Eric and Alex delve into a new first for MvM... Comics. This time we review Marvels King of the Monsters Comic. Did we find it to be hard to stomach? Or was this comic atomic? Plus a monsterpiece theater!


 2021-01-04  40m