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Every morning, #1 pick in the NFL Draft, Keyshawn Johnson joins #2 pick in the NBA Draft Jay Williams and Max Kellerman as they set the sports table for the day. From the games that electrified us the night before to the stories that will catch fire during the day, Key, Jay and Max will update, inform and entertain. The sparks will fly as these legends debate what’s happening and grill the best known guests in all of sports. This is the home for hourly podcasts of the national radio show.

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Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge, & LZ [HR 3]: 10/18/16

Keyshawn gives the weather report for tonights Dodger game. Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal accused the Cubs of stealing signs, but the guys think it is something that is just a part of the game. David Axelrod from CNN who is a Cubs super fan joins the s


 2016-10-18  55m

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge, & LZ [HR 2]: 10/18/16

Dodgers First Baseman Adrian Gonzalez refused to stay at the Trump Hotel when the team was in Chicago. Keyshawn, Jorge and LZ all applaud him. Key give his latest NFL power rankings. Jon Smoltz joins the show and discusses the NLCS with the Dodgers and C


 2016-10-18  39m

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge, & LZ [HR 1]: 10/18/16

Keyshawn, Jorge, and LZ begin the show discussing the todays showdown between the Dodgers and Cubs. Julio Urias was announced as the game 4 starter and the guys are excited to watch him pitch. Tom Herman is one of the hottest names in College Football an


 2016-10-18  36m

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge, & LZ [HR 3]: 10/17/16

Keyshawn, Jorge, and LZ discuss whether it is time to start Jared Goff. The guys also discuss who should pitch game 4 for the Dodgers. This there really a QB controversy in Dallas? Should the Cowboys stick with Dak Prescott or go back to Tony Romo?


 2016-10-17  54m

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge, & LZ [HR 2]: 10/17/16

Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen had dominant performances and shut out the Cubs. Jansens performance reminded Keyshawn, Jorge, and LZ of a Hall of Fame closer. Should the Dodgers send Julio Urias to pitch one of the upcoming games? Eric Davis from NFL


 2016-10-17  42m

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge, & LZ [HR 1]: 10/17/16

Keyshawn, Jorge, and LZ begin the show talking about the dominant performance by Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. Are his playoff ghosts gone? Rams lost a close one yesterday to the Lions. The guys question Jeff Fisher because Todd Gurley didn't get the ball


 2016-10-17  36m

Keyshawn hr3 101416: 10/14/16

Keyshawn hr3 101416


 2016-10-14  59m

Keyshawn hr2 101416: 10/14/16

Keyshawn hr2 101416


 2016-10-14  41m

Keyshawn hr1 101416: 10/14/16

Keyshawn hr1 101416


 2016-10-14  38m

Keyshawn hr3 101316: 10/13/16

Keyshawn hr3 101316


 2016-10-13  41m