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Kelvin and Travis hr1 083016: 8/30/16

Kelvin and Travis hr1 083016


 2016-08-30  37m

Kelvin and Travis [HR2]: 8/29/16

Travis & Andy keep the discussion going on the Rams as they look at Case Keenum cementing his lock on the starting QB job, for now. Also, Tavon Austin got a big extension from the team, but the guys wonder if it was the right move. Plus, what does the Do


 2016-08-29  48m

Kelvin and Travis [HR1]: 8/29/16

Andy Kamenetzky in for Kelvin as he & Travis discuss 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem and setting off an avalanche of disdain from most while he makes a political statement. Also, the Rams took their first loss of the presea


 2016-08-29  39m

Kelvin and Travis hr2 082616: 8/26/16

Kelvin and Travis hr2 082616


 2016-08-26  46m

Kelvin and Travis hr1 082616: 8/26/16

Kelvin and Travis hr1 082616


 2016-08-26  39m

Kelvin and Travis [hr2]: 8/25/16

Yesterday was Kobe Bryant Day, the guys talk about the two Kobes, the Number 8 and Number 24 Kobe, who was better... The guys talk to callers about what number the Lakers should retire for Kobe. Kelvin will retire Number 24. A caller comes up with a grea


 2016-08-25  47m

Kelvin and Travis [hr1]: 8/25/16

Kelvin and Brian Kamenetzky, sitting in for Travis, open talking about Rich Hill's pitching debut for the Dodgers. Hope Solo has been ban by the US National Team; do we know how to handle the BAD girl in sports... Jeff Fisher lets the team know, no hitti


 2016-08-25  37m

Kelvin and Travis [hr2]: 8/24/16

The guys talk about how Jared Goff is coming along and Jeff Fisher saying he is steady. The guys focus on the Rams secondary defense where there may be a cause of concern... Brian is more optimistic on the Rams defense. What the Rams need from their rece


 2016-08-24  46m

Kelvin and Travis [hr1]: 8/24/16

Kelvin and Brian Kamenetzky, sitting in for Travis, open talking about the recent offensive outburst by the Dodgers putting them in first place; can they keep in up... Clayton Kershaw comments on his throwing practice and whether he will be back this se


 2016-08-24  38m

Kelvin and Travis [hr2]: 8/23/16

Kobe Bryant has started a venture capital group; would you invest your money in it... According to a Bleacher Report, Goff is now the number 3 QB in the Rams depth chart... Rams vs Broncos this weekend; the Broncos, defending Super Bowl Champs, still hav


 2016-08-23  46m