A podcast about motherhood and all its adventures by first-time, working moms, Pamela Silva and Karen Comas.

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episode 139: 170. Turn on the subtitles: How Henry Warren wants to make screen time a learning space for children.

It feels like lately everything we see online related to screen time is scary. It's almost as if social media has made us feel guilty about admitting that we give our kids screen time, but it doesn't have to be all bad. Today we're chatting with Henry Warren. He's a dad and co-founder of TOTS (Put the subtitles on). An organization focused on children's literacy through the use of subtitles on tv, and will share with us all the positive impacts that this could have on our children's lives...



episode 138: 169. Moms: The Unsung Heroes of our Lives. A chat with Candace Cameron Bure.

You may have first known her as Dj Tanner on "Full House". But today we know Candace Cameron Bure as an actress, mother, executive producer, and In her latest rol as Kay Albright in the film "Unsung hero", where Candace tells the real life story of the grammy award winning band For king & Country, which is a story of faith, family and compassion, in an industry that needs more of It.



episode 137: 168. All things chiropractic care: a chat with Dr. Mair from Well adjusted Miami.

Today, we're chatting all things chiropractic care because yes, there is prenatal, postpartum and even child's chiropractic care. We'll discuss the myths, fears, and of course the benefits of this type of care to make stronger and healthier mammas. Make sure to follow Well adjusted Miami to get your promo code:



episode 136: 167. In between then and now: How motherhood has changed our relationship with our own mothers.

The relationship between a mother and her child is beautiful. It's complex, it's unique and for most of us, It's ever-changing, inspired by a short poem. We open up about how our relationship with our own mothers has evolved, and how this has also helped shape with our own children.



episode 135: 166. Call me by my name: Karen and Pamela chat all things baby names.

Choosing a baby name is probably one of the most important and for some, one of the most stressful things you'll ever do. Let's chat all things baby names today, and how we ended up with a "Victoria" and a "Ford". And what "Karen" and "Pamela" really mean to our families



 April 17, 2024  34m

episode 133: 164. Spilling the milk: How Roxana Saidi beat the odds of mompreneurship.

Becoming a mom often pushes your limits, and sometimes new ideas and businesses. Today we talk to mompreneur: Roxana Saidi, who launched the only pistachio milk in North America, "Táche". She walks us through her personal journey, where she found motivation, and how she beat the odds in mompreneurship.


 April 10, 2024  29m

episode 132: 163. One Tribe: How Emlie Frtiz Veloso wants to empower women on their journey through motherhood.

For some of us, we go into motherhood, thinking that just because it's such a natural thing, we will just know how to get through it, you know, that motherly instinct. But in reality, motherhood takes constant work support and preparation. Today we chat with Emilie Fritz Veloso, CEO of One Tribe, an integrative expert led community offering education movement and wellness for the mother in digital and physical spaces. Get to know more about One Tribe here: https://www.theonetribe...


 April 3, 2024  25m

episode 131: 162. Motherhood on the Resumé: Let's Dive Into What the Most Important Role We Have Actually Looks Like on Paper

Have you ever asked yourself what the job of a mother would look like on a corporate resume? What skills have we mastered? How do we manage a team? How could we increase our budget? Let's dive into what the most important position we have actually looks like on paper.


 March 27, 2024  23m

episode 130: 161. Nurturing Bilingual Minds: how Ana Guzman creates Bilingual sound books for babies and toddlers

Exploring the unique experiences and challenges of raising bilingual children while highlighting the richness of their linguistic journey, with Ana Guzman, from Binibi Books.


 March 20, 2024  28m