A podcast about motherhood and all its adventures by first-time, working moms, Pamela Silva and Karen Comas.

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episode 47: How to Raise Bilingual Babies

For many of us, being bicultural also means wanting to raise our little ones connecting to both cultures through language. We've often heard of all the benefits of having our children master more than one language, but what’s the most effective way to do this without causing a speech delay or confusion? Today we chat with Grace Wong, also known as @speechtherapymom on Instagram, a bilingual speech expert who will give us her take on the best way to raise bilingual babies.



episode 45: Time Machine: The Things I Miss the Most About the Baby Stage

We say it often... the days are long, but the years are so darn short! Before you know it your tiny baby is sitting by themselves or walking around and playing by themselves. Your baby will become a little independent being in the blink of an eye. This episode is for these new mommies who may be feeling overwhelmed. Today we want to remind you that those moments, those struggles, those baby giggles and that newborn scent won't last forever...



episode 44: Off to School - Starting Preschool for the First Time

Sending your child to daycare or school for the first time comes with a backpack full of mixed emotions! The whole process could be complicated and emotional for both the child and the mother. This new journey for many represents that first form of separation for both since birth. We get the lunch box, the uniform, the labels... and when everything seems to be ready to go, we still get all choked up...but before we know it they're off to school!



episode 43: The Mommy "Likability Trap"

In the complex world of motherhood, we often find ourselves in an impossible bind...either you're a complainer because you're overwhelmed with the realities of motherhood, or you're annoying because you seem to have everything under control...



episode 42: Hacks for Summer at Home with the Kids

It's summeritme and the kids are home...we have many times where we run out of “fun” things to do. But do not fear! Today we talk to the creator of @MotherCould, Myriam Sandler, who will help us find creative ways to keep our kids active and stimulated while at home.



episode 41: Staying Motivated as a Mom, featuring Regina Carrot

Mothers tend to always worry about everyone else before themselves. We are our children and families’ caregivers and cheerleader...but who motivates the motivator? How do we keep going emotionally? Today we speak to motivational speaker and fellow first-time mommy, Regina Carrot, who shares her personal journey about how she found inspiration in the midst of loss.


 2022-07-06  31m

episode 40: Are You Mom Goals?

We’ve all heard the term “Mom Goals” all over social media...this usually refers to a mom who’s just killing it at motherhood, at being a wife or in general killing it in life, as if it were a game. A woman who just seems to have it all together. But… what exactly are those Mom Goals that we aspire to reach? And, are we setting realistic goals for ourselves? Today, we open up about what we admire in other moms and what we hope to accomplish this year.


 2022-06-29  26m

episode 39: Trust your gut: how to heal through nutrition and Mindfulness

A happy and healthy mommy is the most important thing we can offer to our children. But how do we actually start a “healthy journey” when we have so much on our plate? This can sound overwhelming, unattainable, and sometimes even…unappealing. In this episode Mary Gamarra joins us to talk about how she is committed to healing through nutrition and mindfulness, and how we can start regardless of what moment we’re in of our lives.


 2022-06-22  31m

episode 38: Your Reminder About Self Care

Does it get harder to find the time to take care of yourself as your kids get older? We all know that we must fill our own cups to have enough for others… but are we finding more excuses to be running on empty? Pamela and Karen reflect on how self-care has evolved as Ford and Victoria get older, and share how they find time to love and care for themselves while also juggling the rest.


 2022-06-15  26m

episode 37: Twice as Strong

If there's one thing motherhood teaches you, it's that plans are never guaranteed! You envision something going one way and next thing you're encountering something completely different. Today we chat with Lex Ginger, she is a mother of mono-mono twins. Lex will tell us all about what a high-risk pregnancy was like, why she decided to publicly share her journey and the importance of community in times of uncertainty...


 2022-06-08  22m