Movie Fighters

Chris Sims and Matt Wilson love movies. The kinds you would pick up on VHS on a Friday afternoon and have to watch that weekend, no matter how terrible it was. They also love to hate them. Movie Fighters is a celebration of that. Each episode, they watch a movie, recap it, and try to make sense of it. They often don't.

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Snack Situation 049: Whisps

After getting a sample in a meal kit box, we tried some of these new(ish) cheese snacks on the show this week. Are they as good as Cheez-Its, or even Doritos?



Snack Situation 048: Easter Candies

As Easter approaches, we're eating as many egg-shaped things as we can get our hands on (except eggs) this month.



Snack Situation 047: Lady Gaga Oreos

Lady Gaga will be the first entertainer to ever obtain an EGOOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Oreo, Tony). But are her Oreos any good? We find out!


 2021-02-12  42m

Episode 115: VS Cats (2019)

We did it. We watched the Cats and then we talked about Cats.


 2021-01-29  1h7m

Snack Situation 046: Dwarven Flatbread and "Orc" Bacon

On the show this month, Matt and Chris made and tried some selections from the Dungeons and Dragons cookbook, Heroes Feast!


 2021-01-15  40m

Snack Situation 045: Milk Bar Holiday Cookie Gift Tin

Chris and Matt are enjoying some Holiday(ish) cookies from a fancy bakery sold by a national big-box store chain just before Christmas this year!


 2020-12-23  38m

Episode 114: VS The Christmas Chronicles 2

Holiday time is here, and we're challenging this Santa sequel, where Kurt Russell's Boomer Santa faces down a not-lore-accurate Belsnickel and the Yule Cat. Did we like it more than the first? Listen and find out! Also, be prepared to hear a few times...


 2020-12-16  1h18m

Episode 113: VS Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square

The holidays are here. Dolly's got a new movie. You know what we had to do.


 2020-11-26  1h22m

Snack Situation 044: Chocolate Bars of Australasia

Listener and friend Lucas Brown sent us another bunch of chocolate bars from Australia and New Zealand, so we tried them this month!


 2020-11-13  1h6m

Episode 112: VS Disney Zombies 2

Chris catches Matt up on the first one so they can both dive into the world of cheerleaders, zombies (who are just kind of people) and werewolves (who are just kind of folks) of this Disney Channel original movie series.


 2020-10-23  1h29m