Movies Made Me

Virtually every one of us has had a film experience that altered us in some way, that gave us a passion, a fear, a way of looking at the world. I task my guests with talking about the five movies that have made them, well, them! We'll explore how each movie changed them, while also looking at three other influences, from the broad spectrum of their experience, that made them who they are today.


episode 2: Janet Joyce Holden

Episode two of the Movies Made Me podcast, featuring author Janet Joyce Holden. We met with Janet in her home and spent a delightful afternoon discussing the films she feels most influenced her to become the person she is today. Consider yourselves...


 2015-03-23  1h2m

episode 1: Cheryl Jones

Join your host, Cheryl Jones, for a look at the show format, as well as her lists of five films and three other items that have influenced her to become the person she is today.


 2015-03-09  1h2m