Movies Made Me

Virtually every one of us has had a film experience that altered us in some way, that gave us a passion, a fear, a way of looking at the world. I task my guests with talking about the five movies that have made them, well, them! We'll explore how each movie changed them, while also looking at three other influences, from the broad spectrum of their experience, that made them who they are today.

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episode 112: Alex Kojfman

Alex Kojfman, comedian, creator of Comic Books and Comedy at Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica, CA, and host of Script vs Screen, sits down with me to share the movies that made him who he is today. Join us, as we discuss Thrones of Who, lottery head...


 2019-06-10  1h20m

episode 111: Michael Foster

Michael Foster, actor seen in The Walking Dead: Red Machete, Lethal Weapon on FOX, Pinch (directed by episode 43 guest Jake Lloyd), and model on over 800 romance novel covers, sat down with me to talk about the movies that made him. Join us, as we...


 2019-05-27  1h12m

episode 110: Maggie Levin

Maggie Levin, Director/Screenwriter of projects including Miss 2059, Vain: This Party Sucks, The Friendless Five, and the new short film Diva, as well as the creator of The Rocky Horror Hipster Show, sat down with me to discuss the movies that made...


 2019-05-13  1h25m

episode 109: What Happens When The Host Is Sick?

As a podcaster, sometimes things come down to the wire...and then go haywire. I was all set to bring you a conversation with writer/director Maggie Levin this week, but we were recording at the last minute and I was going to scramble to edit and get...


 2019-04-29  1h15m

episode 108: WonderCon featuring Cas Anvar

WonderCon Anaheim is always chock-full of amazingly talented artists, so I spent a full day recording with a selection of the very best. Plus, I had a special opportunity to sit down and record with actor Cas Anvar of The Expanse, which was saved by...


 2019-04-15  1h26m

episode 107: Laura House

Laura House, comedian, International Emmy nominated writer, and meditation teacher, sat down with me on a lazy Sunday afternoon to talk about the movies that influenced her to be the multi-talented woman she is today.  Join us, as we discuss blue...


 2019-04-01  1h26m

episode 106: Sofia Stefou

Sofia Stefou, CEO of VidaCher and Actor/Producer, spent time with me to talk about the movies that made her who she is today.  Join us, as we discuss basement bonding, croissants and sunglasses, 200 page train rides, and the right time for Los...


 2019-03-18  1h15m

episode 105: 4th Anniversary Celebration!

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the show, I gathered together some amazing past guests for a free-wheeling conversation about a little bit of everything. You'll hear from Elysabeth Alfano - Host of Awesome Vegans, Silver Chic Chef, and Celebrity...


 2019-03-04  1h54m

episode 104: Troy Conrad

Troy Conrad, professional photographer and creator of Set List, sat down with me to talk about the movies that made him the creative person he is today. Join us, as we discuss saving Latin, vomiting alone in the bathroom, making a ruckus, and...


 2019-02-18  1h21m

episode 103: Joe Meyers

Joe Meyers, co-host of Podcast Macabre and It's On My List, sat down with me on a rainy Los Angeles morning to discuss the movies that made him who he is. Join us, as we talk about sweating out Halloween, askew love, containing your Walter, and legal...


 2019-02-04  1h41m