Greg and Joe, with a combined 50 years of mowing experience, tell their tales of mowing lawns, talk about mowing equipment, and offer advice for anyone who will listen.

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Episode 8: Mower Safety Devices

Joe and Greg are back from the showdown to talk mower safety features. A listener asks for advice about mowing under trees with low branches.


 2019-07-12  31m

Episode 7: First Mow-Town Showdown

A listener wants to know more about flex decks, Greg nearly burns his mower to the ground and Joe challenges Greg to the first ever Mow-town Showdown. This episode is packed!


 2019-07-05  30m

Episode 6: Introduction to Selecting a Mower

Joe and Greg tackle a listener question on throttle settings and offer some advice on how to narrow down your search for the right mower for the job.


 2019-06-28  31m

Episode 5: Top Mowers of 2019

Joe and Greg discuss the top mowers of 2019.


 2019-06-21  32m

Episode 4: Mowing Straight

Greg and Joe are back to discuss mowing patterns and how they attempt to mow in straight lines.


 2019-06-14  30m

Episode 3: Apparel

Joe and Greg discuss the clothing and safety gear they wear while mowing. Greg shares a story about changing the battery and Joe tracks how far he mows.


 2019-06-07  28m

Episode 2: Spring Preparation

In this episode of the podcast, Joe and Greg discuss getting your equipment ready for the mowing season.


 2019-05-31  25m

Episode 1: Introduction

Out first episode with the first mow-town mow-down and the first mow-town low-down. 5 Yellow Fuel Gas Can Jug Vent Cap JSP Manufacturing


 2019-05-24  21m


A new podcast from Joe and Greg. Welcome to Mow-town!


 2019-05-20  0m

Test Episode

Test Episode. Trailer coming soon.


 2019-04-30  0m