Mushroom Revival Podcast

A podcast devoted to the wonderful world of fungi. Our eclectic show covers fungi in health & wellness, technology, science, culture and more. Welcome to the Mushroom Revival.

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Mushrooms in Ecuador with Alan Rockefeller and Mandie Quark

Today we travel to Ecuador with Alan Rockefeller and Mandie Quark of Mycelia to talk about the trip we all went on to look for rare and new species of tropical fungi in the jungle. Some were poisonous, some psychedelic, some glowed under UV, some were growing out of insects, and others were brand new to science. We chat about notable tropical species, DNA sequencing, how to find undescribed species and publish them, mushroom photography tips, how to maintain a fungarium,  and so mush more...



Psilocybin Therapy for Women with Heather Lee

Today we sit down with Heather Lee to talk about healing psilocybin therapy retreats for women. We chat about how one holds space for people dealing with trauma, what is it like to be a therapist, and what are the common things women from around the world come to these retreats to overcome and work through. 



Astromycology with Marta Filipa Simões

Today we travel to space with Marta Filipa Simões to talk about what fungi has been found in space, how they can survive, what tests we are doing on earth to discover their space exploration potential, and the possibility of fungal life on other planets.

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Mycelial Buildings with Christopher Maurer

Today we sit down with Christopher Maurer to talk about building mycelial homes in Namibia, Cleveland and even Mars. Transforming invasive plants into homes in Namibia, toxic construction waste into homes in Cleveland, and high tech materials into astronaut homes on Mars is just the start. Tune in to the future of building on todays episode.

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 April 15, 2024  48m

Mushroom Virtual Reality with Nanotopia

What happens when you make mushroom music and generate virtual reality with mushroom signals? We sit down with nanotopia to dive into an alternate reality to explore the weird world of mushroom signals and the explorative landscapes they create. 


 April 10, 2024  1h2m

Mushrooms of New Zealand with Liv Sisson

Today we travel to New Zealand with Liv Sisson to talk about the fungi of Aotearoa better known as New Zealand. We chat about the folklore and indigenous uses of various mushrooms and her newest book all about the topic. 


 March 27, 2024  43m

Mushroom Music with Tarun Nayar

Today we sit down with the musician and biologist Tarun Nayar to dive into the mystical world of mushroom music. Did you know we can hook up sensors to mushrooms and turn their electrical signals into music? Learn how to make your own and sit back to listen to a track Tarun created himself with the wonderful red belted conk mushroom. 


 March 14, 2024  51m

Oregon Psilocybin Services with Angie Allbee

Today we sit down with Angie Allbee, the Oregon Psilocybin Services section manager, to discuss how the first state in the USA has paved the way for legal psilocybin services in the state. Just in 2023 alone they've given over 206 facilitator licenses, 21 service center licenses, 7 manufacturer licenses, 2 laboratory licenses, 418 worker permits and given over 24 training programs OPS curriculum approval...


 March 6, 2024  55m

Mushroom DNA Sequencing with Kyle Canan

Today we sit down with the robin hood of mushroom DNA sequencing, Kyle Canan, founder of the Ohio Mushroom DNA Lab, which offers free mushroom DNA sequencing to the public. We chat about the process of DNA sequencing, finding new species, types and cost of equipment, how to set up your own lab, how to send in your own samples and more.

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 February 28, 2024  1h8m

Pikilo Mushroom Protein in Finland with Simo Ellilä

Today we travel to Finland to take a history lesson on the foundations of fungal protein developed in 1963, having coined the name "Pikilo". Finnish researchers in the 60's were growing edible fungi on agricultural wastes and feeding livestock with it. Fast forward 60 years we chat with Simo Ellilä who started a company, Enifer, to use this same process for pets and humans too.


 February 22, 2024  51m