Music From 100 Years Ago

Recordings from the early 20th Century with comments.

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Victor Herbert

Music by Victor Herbert including The March of the Toys and Gypsy Love Song.


 2006-09-11  36m

Early Jazz

Jazz recordings from 1917-1923.  Artists include:  The Original Dixieland Jass Band, King Oliver, W.C. Handy, Eubie Blake and Kid Ory.


 2006-09-04  27m

O Canada

A salute to early Canadan recording artists including: Henry Burr, Eva Gauthier and Henri Lacroix.


 2006-08-27  28m

Man's Best Friend

Episode 21: Man's Best Friend.  Songs about dogs including: The Whistler and His Dog and My Old Dog Tray.


 2006-08-19  27m


Songs from the 13 years when alcohol was illegal in the U.S. Performers include: Billy Murrary, Ma Rainey, Bubber Miley and Burt Williams.


 2006-08-13  30m

California Songs

Episode 19: California Songs Songs in praise of California including: California Here I Come and At the Moving Picture Ball. 


 2006-08-06  28m

Songs of the Great War Part 3

Songs from the last year of World War I , including Oh How I Hate to Get Up and Is There Still Room For Me Neath the Old Apple Tree?


 2006-07-30  31m

Songs of the Great War Part 2

Songs from the middle years of World War I  including If You Were the Only Girl and We Don't Want the Bacon.


 2006-07-23  30m

Summer Songs

Episode 15 : Songs of the Summer season.  Including: In the Good Old Summer Time, The Last Rose of Summer and Summer Days.


 2006-06-29  23m

Baseball and Gershwin

Songs about baseball and the first recording of Rhapsody in Blue.


 2006-06-20  18m