Music From 100 Years Ago

Recordings from the early 20th Century with comments.

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Baseball and Gershwin

Songs about baseball and the first recording of Rhapsody in Blue.


 2006-06-20  18m


Episode 13.  Sad tales about dying soldiers, unhappy wives and neglected children.  Songs include: Is There Any Room In Heaven For a Little Girl Like Me?


 2006-06-12  22m

Episode 12 Railroad Songs

Songs about trains including Casey Jones and The Wreck of the Old 97. Performers include Vernon Dalhart, Billy Murray and Moonshine Kate.


 2006-05-23  19m

African-American Performers

Episode 11:  Early African-American recording artists. Performers include: Bert Williams, James Reese Europe, Ma Rainey and the Fisk University Jubilee Singers.


 2006-05-13  35m

Episode 10 Leftovers

Recordings left off of previous podcasts. Performers include: Enrico Caruso  Al Jolson   John McCormack  and Ada Jones


 2006-05-06  33m

Episode 9 Waltzes

An all waltz show.  Songs include  In the Good Old Summertime, School Days, Waltz Me Around Again Willie and My Wild irish Rose.


 2006-04-29  31m

Episode 8 : Indestructible Records

The story of the Indestructible Phonography Company. Music includes:  Asleep in the Deep                          I'm...


 2006-04-22  33m

Episode 7: Marches

All march episode featuring the John Phillip Sousa Band.


 2006-04-14  28m

Music From 100 Years Ago Episode 6 Al Jolson & Other Guys

This week:   songs by Al Jolson, the Tuskegee Institute Singers and Arthur Collins.  Plus: a classic hymn.  


 2006-04-07  19m

Music From 100 Years Ago Episode 5: Oddball Instrumentals

Unusual instrumentals including: bagpipes, ocarina, a Stroh violin and a lap steel guitar.


 2006-03-30  20m