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Jess is a Musical Theatre expert, Andrew knows nothing about the Musical Theater world. Listen to hear the hilarity ensue as fresh eyes analyze musicals old & new. Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

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episode 176: Titanic the Musical (feat. Ayanna Prescod)

"Farewell, farewell Godspeed, Titanic..." Grab your first class tickets and life vests because this week we're joined by Ayanna Prescod from "What's Up Broadway?" to talk about Titanic the Musical! We chat about the show, it's impact, and it's future! Give it a listen!



episode 15: DEAR FRIENDS PREVIEW: "The Music Man & Golden Age Revivals"

This is an episode of the new and improved Dear Friends Podcast featuring Emily Clark, Christi Esterle, and Jesse McAnally. We're trying new things in 2022, we're going to be switching up our format. Today we're talking about The Music Man and Golden Age Musical Revivals!



episode 175: Pokémon Live (feat. Il Neige)

"You and me and Pokémon..." Grab your Poke-balls and training cards because this week we're joined by Garrett Snook aka Il Neige to talk about Pokémon Live! -- an unhinged episode to go alongside an unhinged show! Give it a listen!



150th Episode Trivia Contest! (feat. Emily Clark & Brent Black)

One of my favorite recording sessions of 2021, where Emily Clark quizzed the Musicals with Cheese team with Brent Black to see who really knows the most Musical Trivia! Come listen and join the fun!



episode 173: Encanto

"We don't talk about Bruno..." Grab your arepas and candle because this week we're talking about the Disney animated musical Encanto! It's a blast, and a great way to start 2022.



BONUS - Tick Tick BOOM!

Jess & Liz are back to talk about "Tick Tick BOOM!" -- give it a listen and welcome to 2022!



episode 172: West Side Story

"There's a place for us..." Grab your chains and lipstick because this week we're talking about West Side Story -- both the musical and the movies! It's a blast, and a great way to end 2021.



Top Ten 'Musicals with Cheese' Episodes (feat. Juliet Antonio)

Today we're joined by our KEEPER OF THE CHEESE Juliet Antonio, who ranks the Top Ten episodes of Musicals with Cheese. It's a blast, and you can compare your notes to theirs!



episode 171: The Little Match Girl (feat. Pearl Rhein)

"Oh, it's Christmas time, mistletoe and wine..." Grab your matches because this week we're joined by Pearl Rhein to talk about the Little Match Girl 1986 TV Special -- a classic film from Pearl's Childhood!


 2021-12-23  1h14m

BONUS: "A Christmas Carol" by Jess & Andrew

In this BONUS episode Jess & Andrew reenact Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" from beginning to end. Give it a listen and have yourself a Merry Holiday Season!


 2021-12-20  35m