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Jess is a Musical Theatre expert, Andrew knows nothing about the Musical Theater world. Listen to hear the hilarity ensue as fresh eyes analyze musicals old & new. Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

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episode 167: Tarzan the Musical (feat. Sideways)

"Son of man, look to the sky Lift your spirit, set it free.." This week ANDREW RETURNS and we're joined by the hilarious Ethan from Sideways to talk about the unfortunate Disney Musical "Tarzan" The Musical.



Muppets Haunted Mansion (feat. Joel Arnold)

Recorded during Liz's Hiatus so stepping in in her place is fan favorite guest Joel Arnold! Joel joins Jess to talk about the brand new SPOOKY Disney+ special "Muppets Haunted Mansion" We chat about a lot of stuff including John Mulaney's relationship issues, so it'll be a lot of fun to listen to!



Broadway Conspiracies (feat. Robbie Rozelle)

This is a treat for all of you, today Jess is joined by the hilarious and talented Robbie Rozelle to chat about conspiracy theories in your favorite musicals. Do you have any of your own? Let us know!



Wicked Movie Predictions (feat. Emily Clark & Christi Esterle)

Emily Clark and Christi Esterle join Jess to talk about Wicked movie and what we may see! Give it a listen!



BONUS - Love Never Dies Revist (feat. Brianna Jones)

"Let hopes pass, let dreams pass, let them die..." Grab your half masks because this week Jess and Bree dive into the Phantom Sequel once again! It's time to talk Love Never Dies once more!



BONUS - Top Ten Romcoms (feat. Grace Aki)

Grace Aki joins Jess this week in place of Elizabeth Esten who will return next week! Grace and Jess count down their top ten FAVORITE ROMANTIC COMEDIES. There's some shockers in there, and some great stories. You'll have a blast!



episode 166: Diana the Musical

"It's the "Thrilla in Manila" But with Diana and Camilla!." Grab your 'feck you' dress and royal family because this week Jess/Andrew/Bree dive into the hilariously campy and maybe in bad taste musical that deals with paparazzi, romance, and adultery! This week we're talking about Diana the Musical



Mouth Dreams by Neil Cicierega

In this older episode of Patreon with Cheese, Jess and Andrew talk about Mouth Dreams by Neil Cicierega. and how great the album is!



episode 165: Little Shop of Horrors Revisit

"Little Shop, Little Shop of Horrors..." Grab your bloodthirsty plant and frozen dinners because this week Jess/Andrew/Bree dive into the hilarious and emotionally raw musical that deals with murder, romance, and dentistry! This week we're talking about Little Shop of Horrors!



Cinderella (2021)

Jess & Liz dive into the garbage truck of a movie musical "Cinderella" starring Camila Cabello, James Corden, and Idina Menzel


 2021-10-25  50m