Musicals with Cheese Podcast

Jess is a Musical Theatre expert, Andrew knows nothing about the Musical Theater world. Listen to hear the hilarity ensue as fresh eyes analyze musicals old & new. Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 55m. Bisher sind 104 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

episode 82: "The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals"

"It's a show stopping number...." This week Jess & Andrew chat about the incredibly funny youtube musical from Starkid "The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals." It's almost as if our show was MADE for this.



#82: "Chess" (feat. Brent Black aka brentalfloss)

"Now I'm where I want to be...." This week Jess & Andrew are once again joined by Brent Black aka brentalfloss to talk about Tim Rice's problematic musical "Chess." A lot is covered and Brent is super knowledgable and wonderful and you don't want to miss this!




#80: "Come From Away"

"Welcome to the Rock!" This week, Jess & Andrew talk about "Come From Away" -- in our current dark situation, this is the musical we need about bringing us all together. This is the perfect feel good musical, and I think we all need to feel good about now!



episode 79: #79 'Tootsie'

"I won't let you down..." This week Jess & Andrew take a look at 'Tootsie.' They chat about how the musical is the ULTIMATE boomer experience, how unfunny the content really is, and occasionally some good things. Don't miss out!


 2020-03-05  55m

episode 78: #78: 'Caroline or Change'

"Nothing ever happen underground in Louisiana" This week Jess & Andrew take a look at 'Caroline or Change' They chat about how the proper way to tell a story about specific cultures, and a ton of other stuff. Don't miss out!


 2020-02-27  55m

episode 77: #77: 'Once on this Island'

"I'm waiting for life to begin" This week Jess & Andrew take a look at "Once on this Island" They chat about how these gods affect the island, the incredible revival production of this show, and how we wish more musicals were more like this. Don't miss out on this episode, because it's a ton of fun.


 2020-02-20  50m

episode 76: #76: 'The Color Purple'

"The lord works in mysterious ways..." This week Jess & Andrew take a look at "The Color Purple" They chat about how dark the content within this musical is, how the story was adapted from the original book, and much more-- don't miss out!


 2020-02-13  51m

episode 75: #75: 'The Wiz'

"Ease on down the road..." This week Jess & Andrew take a look at "The Wiz The Super Soul Musical "Wonderful Wizard of Oz" They chat about Jess' relationship with the show from high school, whether or not the trio of heroes would survive without Dorthy, and of course-- The Muppets.


 2020-02-06  45m

episode 74: #74: 'Evening Primrose'

"If you can find me I'm here..." This week Jess & Andrew take a look at the forgotten masterpiece "Evening Primrose" by Stephen Sondheim. They chat about Marvel Movies, the shoddy capture of this musical on celluloid, and so much more, don't miss out on the Sondheim-ey goodness!


 2020-01-30  40m