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Jess is a Musical Theatre expert, Andrew knows nothing about the Musical Theater world. Listen to hear the hilarity ensue as fresh eyes analyze musicals old & new. Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

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Ratatouille the TikTok Musical

In this super special bonus episode Jess, Andrew, & Bree dive into the world of TikTok and discover the TikTok made Ratatouille musical.



episode 116: #116 Avenue Q

"It's a fine fine line..." This week Jess & Andrew talk about the Tony Award winning Puppet Musical Avenue Q, and how we all walk through life without purpose and having terrible thoughts. This episode goes a bit into the nihilist territory. You're going to love it!



BONUS - Avenue Q with Emily VanDerWerff

"It sucks to be me...." This week Jess sits down with the AMAZING journalist Emily VanDerWerff, and they talk about the way the show has aged, the impact the show had on Emily, and so much more. Take a listen!



episode 115: #115 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

"How to... How to... SUCCEED!" This week Jess & Andrew talk about the most sexist Pulitzer Prize winning musical "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." They talk about the politics of the show, and how well it has aged. You're not going to want to miss this!



episode 114: #114 The Band's Visit

"Welcome to Nowhere! With a B..." This week Jess & Andrew cover the charming hug of a musical "The Band's Visit." This surely has been a week, and I think there's nothing we need more than a musical like "The Band's Visit."



episode 113: #113 The Addams Family (feat. Brent Black aka brentalfloss)

"When you're an Addams..." This week Jess & Andrew are joined by the amazing Brent Black to cover the spooky comedy musical by Andrew Lippa "The Addams Family" in what is EASILY the longest episode we've ever had.



episode 112: #112 Dracula the Musical

"Life After Life, you won't need flowers on your grave You won't need prayers, you have no mortal soul to save..." This week Jess & Andrew cover the Frank Wildhorn DISASTERPIECE Dracula the Musical. Oooky Spooky Halloweeney stuff!


 2020-10-22  1h15m

episode 111: #111 REPO! The Genetic Opera

"It's a thankless job, but somebody's gotta do it..." This week we're joined by the incredible Christi of Musical Hell to talk about the gorey black comedy musical "REPO! The Genetic Opera." We talk chills, thrills and scares and you don't want to miss out!


 2020-10-15  1h27m

episode 110: #110 Mean Girls

"I'd rather be me than be with you!" This week Jess, Andrew, and Bree talk about the musical adaptation of the teen cult classic "Mean Girls" the musical. We talk comedy, racism, and white liberalism. You'll love it!


 2020-10-08  1h19m

episode 109: #109 Razia's Shadow

"What a splendid mess!" This week Jess, Andrew, and Bree talk about the emo "musical" entitled Razia's Shadow. It's a long discussion of what makes a musical, the Emo Avengers, and tons of other crazy stuff! You don't want to miss out!


 2020-10-01  1h8m