My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

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44 - Live from the Chicago Podcast Festival

Karen and Georgia are live at the Chicago Podcast Festival talking about the Fort Worth Three kidnapping and Chicago’s very own John Wayne Gacy.


 2016-11-24  1h19m

MFM Minisode 11

This week’s minisode features more hometown murders read to you by Karen and Georgia including tales of lust, drugs, murder, Iceland, and more!


 2016-11-21  29m

43 - In Arrears

This week on My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia talk with their mouths about a tragic murder/suicide at the International Dunes Hotel and the still-unsolved Chicago Tylenol poisonings.


 2016-11-17  1h21m

42 - Abject Failure

This week on My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia are here for you with a collection of hometown murders including the ever-evolving tale of Todd Kohlhepp and more.


 2016-11-10  1h6m

41 - Live from EW Popfest

This week was recorded live from the Entertainment Weekly Popfest 2016. Karen and Georgia share Hollywood tales of murder including Lana Turner's dark family secrets and the Wasp Woman, Susan Cabot. Plus a hometown murder picked right from the studio audience!


 2016-11-03  57m

MFM Minisode 10

In this civically responsible My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown murders including a family murder in New Mexico, a spooky sleepover tale, and more.


 2016-10-31  28m

40 - Squad Gourds

My Favorite Murder is the perfect coffee table podcast for you. This week Karen and Georgia unpack the "My Way" killings in the Philippines and the terrible murder of Scott Amedure.


 2016-10-27  1h9m

MFM Minisode 9

On this week’s My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown murder stories including serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, murderer Mark Winger, and a two-parter involving a feigned love of camping, a dead body, and a couch covered in blood!


 2016-10-24  20m

39 - Kind of Loco

This week on My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia have their protective eyewear on to talk about Charles Albright, the Texas Eyeball Killer. Then they tackle the notorious and tall Co-ed Killer, Ed Kemper.


 2016-10-20  1h33m

38 - Sidebar Nation

It’s My Favorite Murder, this week with hand-holding and shit! Karen and Georgia share the story of the killer priest, Gerald Robinson, and prepare for their trip to Chicago with a breakdown of the 2016 Gage Park stabbings.


 2016-10-14  1h9m