My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

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29 - Episode: Twenty-Nein

Karen and Georgia discuss family-annihilator John List, as well as Warriena Tagpuno Wright who fell 14 floors to her death. Plus a hometown murder by comedian Matt McCarthy.


 2016-08-11  1h16m

28 - I 28 His Liver With Some Fava Beans and A Nice Chianti

This week Karen and Georgia share stories that are new to the other: the Durham Family Murders and the amazing story of Terry Jo Duperrault.


 2016-08-04  56m

27 - Your Hometown Murder Email Round-Up

In a very special episode, Karen & Georgia share just a few of the hundreds of listener hometown murders that have been sent to us.


 2016-07-28  1h2m

26 - Twenty Six Six Six

Karen and Georgia freak out over presents from listeners, then get dark with two child murders: Mary Bell and Lisa Steinberg.


 2016-07-22  1h19m

25 - Twenty Knives

New favorite TV show talk followed by the Christopher Dorner killing spree and the tragic Cheshire Murders. Plus Georgia is bested by a hometown murder.


 2016-07-14  1h8m

24 - Episode ...And Twenty Justice Four All

This week K&G discuss Karen's tragic hometown murder, Polly Klaas, as well as the truth behind Kitty Genovese's stabbing. Plus must-watch documentaries and all the banter you can handle.


 2016-07-08  1h17m

23 - Making A Twenty-Thirderer

Karen & Georgia focus on their favorite survivor murder stories, featuring an escape from The Chessboard Killer, and the harrowing story of a pregnant woman fighting for her life. Plus a rad listener hometown murder and tons of banter. This episode is brought to you by Fullscreen! Get your free one-month trial today at!


 2016-06-30  1h7m

22 - The Girls with the Episode Twenty Two

This week Karen and Georgia give themselves the impossible task of making murders from the 1500s interesting. The Sawny Bean legend and the Princes in the Tower are the murders of choice, along with a listener hometown murder and a discussion of the new Simpsons documentary. Enjoy, Murderinos!


 2016-06-28  1h12m

21 - Because 7 8 9

This week the ladies go way off topic before launching into their favorite murders, which focuses on the Cleveland Elementary School shootings (aka "I don't like Mondays") and 1800s nurse/serial killer Jane Toppan. Please remember to stay sexy and don't get murdered!


 2016-06-16  1h8m

20 - 20/20

This week Karen & Georgia discuss the rape trial of Brock Turner before delving into The Night Stalker's victims and capture, and New Zealand's infamous Bain Family Murders. ​


 2016-06-09  1h16m