My Fence Life

We are just two guys on a journey to improve our fence businesses – we want to offer the best, most innovative fencing products to our customers while helping our teams become more efficient and productive. We’d also like to continue to improve how we manage our fence businesses. Along the way, we’re hoping to help other fence contractors do the same. We’re Cannon Johnson of Jackson Fence Company, Tennessee and Dan Blanc of Fence King, Louisiana. “It all started when I just joined in on one of Cannon’s Live YouTube sessions, ” admits Dan. “I really just wanted to mess with him. But then we actually started chatting about real issues and how we overcame them.” Dan and Cannon quickly realized that, not only were they benefiting from the conversations, but other fence contractors were chiming in, asking questions, and sharing knowledge. So, My Fence Life has become an open channel of communication, solution sharing, and, sometimes, just a way for fence contractors to vent about their biggest challenges. “I think that we can all be better if we just open up and share what’s happening, ” Cannon stated...

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episode 61: What's Trending Now & Expected To Trend In 2023 For The Fence Industry

What better person to sit down with other than Brett Richinson of FenceTrac, a trend setter in the fencing industry to talk about what's trending now and what will be trending in 2023! Brett shows up with a brown paper bag special and explains a few features that make the FenceTrac system the coolest trend of the year...



episode 62: Is It Cost Affective To But An Excavator - How To Make Indirect Labor Pay For Itself

Dan gives Cannon a call back to follow up on their last conversation where Cannon hinted about some inside info on why he's thinking buying an excavator is a good idea for him and Jackson Fence. Then the guys get off target and start talking about how to take Indirect Labor (Office / Shop Personnel) and have them produce to cover their labor cost...



episode 61: Utilizing Yard Space and Building Your Gate Division

Dan gives Cannon a call the day before Thanksgiving 2022 as they're wrapping things up before a 4 day break for the holidays...



episode 60: Grow Your Business and Use Google Reviews To Do It

Dan and Cannon Surf the Facebook Groups and answer some questions from their inboxes. Tyler Russell from Indiana is trying to figure out, "Do I stay at 400K in sales or do I grow? He's worried about quality and being able to give his customers the attention they need. Also, the guys discuss a few other things like, whether or not your crews should park in the customers driveways or not, how are you or your sales people scheduling onsite consultations and Google Reviews using Bizzrater...



Ask Me About My Day #42 - Wait, Atlantic City Has It's Very Own Mini-FenceTech

Pete with D&D Technologies....

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Ask Me About My Day #41 - Subcontractors - How Does That Work?

Cannon calls Dan about his recent Facebook Post where he's trying to hire a subcontract and Dan gives him details which turns out to pretty funny. Then the guys phone call switches gears they start talking about the recent Stain & Seal University that took place in Springfield Missouri this past November 2022...



episode 59: Boost Your Profits And Get The Training You Need To It For FREE!

Caleb Roth gives us the details of his latest FREE Stain & Seal University and how he's changing the game when it comes to an industry that piggy backs off of the fence world. In his FREE training events they cover tips-and-tricks, staining maintenance, cleaning new and old wood, what to do when the winds blowing and you can't spray your fence, marketing your stain business.




Ask Me About My Day #40 - Wait... You Can Drive Post for An Aluminum Fence?!

Mark Olson of SWI Fence of Florida gives the 411 on his new innovation of driving aluminum posts. His "No-Dig Posts Driving System" is fast, easy and leaves the customer's yard looking like you were never there...



Ask Me About My Day #39 - FenceTrac Fence Systems Are Changing The Industry

Dan gives Bret Richinson of FenceTrac Fence Systems of Oklahoma a call to thank him for his support of My Fence Life...



episode 58: Ep. 58 - The Rise - The Fall - The Rebuilding of a Family Business

Jon Ball of Ball Fabrics becomes the 1st guest to reach the BBB Status of My Fence Life. He brought Beer, Bourbon and Business to the table while chatting about the challenges of controlling your business growth and overcoming setbacks in the family business. Jon also dives into some application and performance specifics of their patented windscreens...