My Fence Life

We are just two guys on a journey to improve our fence businesses – we want to offer the best, most innovative fencing products to our customers while helping our teams become more efficient and productive. We’d also like to continue to improve how we manage our fence businesses. Along the way, we’re hoping to help other fence contractors do the same. We’re Cannon Johnson of Jackson Fence Company, Tennessee and Dan Blanc of Fence King, Louisiana. “It all started when I just joined in on one of Cannon’s Live YouTube sessions, ” admits Dan. “I really just wanted to mess with him. But then we actually started chatting about real issues and how we overcame them.” Dan and Cannon quickly realized that, not only were they benefiting from the conversations, but other fence contractors were chiming in, asking questions, and sharing knowledge. So, My Fence Life has become an open channel of communication, solution sharing, and, sometimes, just a way for fence contractors to vent about their biggest challenges. “I think that we can all be better if we just open up and share what’s happening, ” Cannon stated...

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episode 50: Episode FIFTTY - Alex Harris of Fencing Unlimited - Part 2 - Finding a physical location and an address to appease Google - Getting ready to fulfill and install all of the sales and work orders generated from his new location. Plus - Pilot’s licenses, tru

Dan and Cannon give Alex Harris another shot to talk business since they took over last week's conversation. They discuss the trials and tribulations of finding a physical location and an address to use to set up a valid Google Business Listing. Alex is looking for a location from which to operate in Foley, Alabama but would also settle for an address just to get his Google Business Listing up and running...


 2022-09-08  1h57m

episode 51: Don’t put gasoline in your diesel truck - Latest in CRM automations thru JobNimbus - Virtual Assistants - Fence Disputes between Neighbors.

Episode 51 is a catching-up episode where Dan and Cannon each tell what’s been happening in their businesses. Cannon talks about his Blackline HHP Vinyl project and accidentally putting gas in his diesel truck. Dan talks about his latest automation and how he can keep in touch with customers for months and years. The Fence King is also bringing on a virtual assistant to ensure that no call is missed - no matter the time of day...


 2022-09-15  1h12m

episode 53: David Gatto Shares 5 Sales Tactics To Bring Your Business To The Next Level

David Gatto gets down and dirty with his sales techniques. He’s using Segways’s, has (2), Two, ?????sales people riding around together doing on-site consultations, canvassing new subdivisions with door knockers/hangers, getting his company and fence displays in models homes, THE 24 Hour ? discount AND, he’s even opened an in-house permit department and along with doing land surveys for his customers to make his jobs run smoother! ???? Thank you to our sponsor ???? https://linktr...


 2022-09-30  1h4m

episode 54: (Part 3) Creating Revenue During the Winter Months Series with Susan K. Worley of Southwest Automated Security

Dan and Cannon sit down with Susan and discuss monthly Service Agreements on Gate Operator and Access Control Systems. This is a great avenue for revenue all year round. They also bring in potential yearly contracts with your local municipalities...


 2022-10-07  1h2m

episode 55: MFLQA - Dan & Cannon Comb Their Inboxes And Share The Questions You The Listener Have Thrown At Them Over The Past Few Weeks

Dan and Cannon answer questions about which Answering Service they use and how it works - How to transport vinyl fence without scaring the product - Bidding a 10,000 ft apartment complex project with 274 gates - Notching tubing when building gates and much much more!! • Click https://linktr...


 2022-10-14  1h21m