My Hill To Die On

Everyone has things they are passionate about; things we want our friends to try and experience. So we’ve convinced each other to try different things. We talk about these experiences to see if we can just get one more person to join us on our hill to die on.

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episode 46: Still Trying to Make Something Good Happen

Olympics and Quarantining in Japan, Programming Error, Pick Animations, Main Media: Princess Mononoke



episode 45: Just Outside of Normal

Vaccinated, Summer Trips, Pick Teachers, Main Media: Bridge to Terabithia



episode 44: Slowly Indoctrinate You With Good Fantasy

Vaccination Updates, Summer Activities, Pick Hiking Stories, Main Media: Stardust


 2021-08-29  1h5m

episode 43: Pay Respect to the Klingon Culture

Ryan's Flight, Vaccinations, Purchasing an iPad, Pick Strategy Foreign Foods, Main Media: A Matter of Honor


 2021-08-06  1h20m

episode 42: A Day in the Life of Vin

Preparing to Fly to America, Pick Strategy Games, Main Media: The Well of Ascension


 2021-07-16  1h5m

episode 41: Solo Actor Aspect

Successful Disney Trip, Rearranged Plane Tickets, Pick Hard Jobs, Main Media: Moon


 2021-06-28  1h42m

episode 40: I'd ... Like to Lean In

Game Show with Special Guests! Action Castle II, a Parsely Game


 2021-06-13  1h13m

episode 39: The Hero Is a Horrible Human Being

Doorbells, Student Loans, Pick Villains, Main Media: Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog


 2021-05-30  1h8m

episode 38: Character Observation Kind-of Story

Ryan's YouTube Video, Fuji-Q, Plane Tickets, Pick World Events, Main Media: Record of a Spaceborn Few


 2021-05-16  1h33m

episode 37: Falling In Love With Someone Over Letters

Spring Break, 2-bit Storyteller, Pick 2 Hopes/Things for the Future, Main Media: This Is How You Lose the Time War


 2021-04-26  1h17m