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episode 24: Carl H. Mitchell on Dystopian Fiction

Many Americans may be asking themselves the following questions today, given our political climate:

· How do we survive amongst a fractured, divided nation?

· What happens if an extreme, rigid, corrupt government comes into being?

· How do we combat the dangers of centralized power and power-hungry individuals?

· What happens when oil runs out and our energy grid is controlled by just one entity?

To answer these questions, we meet engineer and author Carl H...



News about PILATE'S FAITH and What's Coming Up on MGO

Alex shares news of a great review of PILATE's FAITH, the latest John Pilate Mystery, and what you can expect here on the show in the final month of the year.

  • Kirkus Review of PILATE'S FAITH:


  • Order LIFE IS TO BE CELEBRATED: https://amzn...



episode 23: Detective Stories and Social Analysis with Maria Marotti

What do detective stories and social analysis have in common? Find out when we speak with Maria Marotti, Ph.D. Marotti is a full-time fiction writer, retired academic, and alternative health practitioner, author of a mystery series and humorous animal memoirs. She has many insights to share about the detective story as a tool for social analysis. Listen in!

Connect: Facebook: https://www...



episode 22: Henya Drescher's Stolen Truth

HENYA DRESCHER is a novelist from New York. Her stories have appeared in several magazines, and she is an active contributor to She is currently working on a third novel. She writes suspense thrillers in which her heroines respond fearlessly to testing circumstances, satisfying a universal appeal by allowing readers a peek into their challenged lives. Today she speaks to us about psychological fiction and her new book, STOLEN TRUTH...



episode 21: PC Smith on Writing Her Debut at Age 84

P.C. Smith was a well-known stained glass in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, for 15 years, creating custom pieces for celebrities and clients all around the world. Upon retirement, she took up her second love, writing, and has published poetry and short stories before writing her debut novel, The Shingle Weaver’s Picnic, at age 84...



Celebrating Life with Robert Lee Hill

Do you question how it's possible for life to be affirming, religion to be relevant, and our daily human journey to be full of hope in times riddled with division, cynicism, and negativity? If so, Robert Lee Hill has fifty-two messages for you...



episode 21: Carl Buccellato on Turning the Page

When Carl Buccellato was clearing old files out from his garage, he came across boxes of journals and scribbles that served as a means of capturing memories. At the urging of his wife, Buccellato compiled his various papers and drafted a single book of them.

To Every Page A Turning: One Life’s Journey,is a fictitious story thatleans heavily on Buccellato’s personal experiences...



episode 20: James A. Ross on Coldwater and the Moth

James A. Ross has at various times been a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Congo, a Congressional Staffer, and a Wall Street Lawyer.  His debut novel, HUNTING TEDDY ROOSEVELT, won the Independent Press Distinguished Favorite award for historical fiction, is a finalist for the National Indie Excellence Award for historical fiction, and was shortlisted for a Goethe Historical Fiction Award...




In the end…it all comes down to PILATE’S FAITH...Book Eight in the Beloved John Pilate Mysteries!Pilate's Faith...pre-order now for Black Friday delivery.Surviving a recent attempt on his life, a weary John Pilate returns to Cross Township, where a bizarre string of shootings has paralyzed the tiny college town. Pilate joins forces with the law to find out why people are being terrorized in his name and stop it...



episode 18: Humanity, Humility, and Adventure with Charlie Sheldon

Today on the show we discuss humanity, humility, and adventure with author Charlie Sheldon, who has a new book out this week!

Sheldon went to Yale University and UMass, where he received a Masters Degree in Wildlife Biology/Resource Management. He worked in the fishing industry for 15 years as a deckhand, mate, skipper, and consultant, then relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 1990 to be near Olympic National Park...


 2021-10-28  44m