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episode 4: Murder is Academic with Peter Maeck

In this episode, we're diving into the creative universe of Peter Maeck, a man of many artistic pursuits—novelist, poet, playwright, celebrated photographer, and sought-after cruise ship raconteur. From rhymed to unrhymed poetry to intriguing murder mysteries, and the beautiful juxtaposition of visual and verbal art, Peter's got it all...



episode 3: Al Olson on the American Renaissance Festival's Past, Present, and Future

In this fun episode sponsored by the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, Alex sits down with author Al Olson to unpack the fascinating world of Renaissance festivals. From its origins as a pop culture punchline to its evolution into a beloved form of mainstream entertainment, Olson takes us behind the scenes of these unique spectacles. The pair delve into the festival's irresistible charm, from elaborate cosplay to mouth-watering turkey legs...



episode 2: Sharon Lynn's Bath with Death

Raised in Arizona, author Sharon Lynn developed a profound connection to the English countryside during her teenage years spent in England, a bond that has only strengthened with her frequent returns. This affection vividly colors the pages of her Cotswold Crimes Mystery series...



episode 1: SEASON 12 PREMIERE: Joe West's Journey to Strange Flesh

On the Season 12 Premiere, we're dialing into the gritty heart of St. Louis, connecting with an author whose prose pulsates with raw energy. Joe West’s book, Strange Flesh, takes us through a darkly fascinating realm of misfits and street heroes. If you're a fan of the likes of Donald Goines, Ray Carver, or Pete Dexter, Joe's writing style might just become your new obsession. It's gritty, relentless, and always unpredictable...



Thank You for Your Support!

My friends, thanks to your support, I am honored to be named the Best Local Author in the Kansas City Magazine Best Of KC 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards!

What I am is a working author who supports writing and writers through my podcasts and advocacy. I accept this accolade on behalf of everybody cranking out great fiction and nonfiction here in Kansas City--usually for little financial reward or precious recognition. I'm grateful to be part of this diligent creative community...


 2023-08-10  3m

What's Up with Season 12?

Alex gives you a quick update about the upcoming premiere of season 12.

He also shares info on how to apply to be a guest, including what we are looking for, what we are not looking for, and best practices.

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Alex Greenwood on Medium: https://a-greenwood.medium...


 2023-08-01  23m

episode 43: Disrupting the Cartel: A Critical Look at Higher Education

Welcome to Midsummer Medium, where your host, Alex goes solo and brings to life the ideas and perspectives he usually shares in his column on Medium or Substack. Today, Alex discusses what he sees as the staleness of our higher education system.

"The staleness of our higher education system is a liability, especially as we speed headlong into a digital-dominated era...


 2023-07-10  8m

Check Out Going to Killing City: Alex's True Crime Podcast

Dive into the dark underbelly of the City of Fountains, Kansas City, along with a splash from a killer cocktail on the new podcast, "Going to Killing City." Kansas City-based co-hosts Jamie Green and Alex Greenwood explore the most bizarre, unsettling, and truly odd historic murders that have transpired in the heart of the Midwest.

“Kansas City is renowned for its rich barbecue tradition, grandiose fountains, and vibrant jazz culture...


 2023-07-07  0m

episode 42: Behind the Stars: Navigating the Wild World of Amazon Book Reviews

Welcome to Midsummer Medium, where your host, Alex goes solo and brings to life the ideas and perspectives he usually shares in his column on Medium. In today's episode, we're diving headfirst into the often baffling and always intriguing world of Amazon book reviews. We'll explore the challenging landscape authors face, discuss the peculiar cases of misguided criticism, and touch upon the issues that platforms like Goodreads present...


 2023-06-25  17m

episode 41: American Film Institute Founder George Stevens, Jr. Returns

In this episode, we welcome back the esteemed George Stevens Jr, an iconic figure in the entertainment industry and author of the memoir, My Place in the Sun. We delve into his captivating journey from being the son of an Oscar-winning filmmaker to becoming a renowned writer, producer, director, and founder of the American Film Institute (AFI)...


 2023-06-19  1h16m