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Set the Controls for A Killer Debut Novel

This week, we want you to set the controls for something a little different…we’re talking with Gary Lippman, a playwright and author who, like one notable filmmaker, has entertainingly mined a rich vein of tragic pop culture in his debut novel, Set the Controls for the Heart of Sharon Tate. Learn more about Gary and order his book at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: https://anchor...


 2020-01-30  41m

The Sum of Nine and Ten in Pop Culture

Part two of Alex's conversation with author Jason McIntyre! They dig into more takes on the stuff that caught their eyes in 2019, including Star Trek, a host of Stephen King titles, The Mandalorian, and more. They also discuss the perhaps cynical nature of some fans' criticism of entertainment. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


 2020-01-23  33m

Hey Nineteen: What Caught Our Eye in 2019

Author Jason McIntyre and Alex share their takes on the most prominent pop culture phenoms, movies, books and more from 2019. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


 2020-01-16  46m

More in Store for 2020!

Last season was a hoot...but we have more in store for 2020! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


 2020-01-09  10m

Of Pirates and Patreon

Should authors consider using Patreon? Michelle Stinson Ross returns to the show to talk about her foray into the world of sponsored, serialized fiction. Michelle also discusses her approach to creativity, and why historically-accurate fiction doesn't have to be a confining in storytelling. Tune in, mateys! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


 2019-12-12  39m

The Knife in My Back

Nothing good happens after midnight when the long knives are out. Alex explores the horror of suffering in uncertainty after he finds a knife in his back. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


 2019-11-29  37m


Hurry...contest ends Oct. 31!


 2019-10-27  1m

Eerie Parallels in the Origins of John Pilate

We wrap-up our interview with Alex Greenwood about the origins of the John Pilate Mysteries. Today, guest interviewer Brian Hutton probes about Greenwood's actual involvement and brushes with a modern-day tragedy at the small college that eerily parallels the events that inspired the John Pilate Mysteries. Greenwood also discusses his creative process, how he chooses locales for stories, what he regrets about John Pilate's name, and shares hints of what's next in the series...


 2019-10-24  58m

The Tragic, True-Life Origins of the John Pilate Mysteries

The John Pilate Mysteries now spans a decade with seven books, including the latest title, Pilate's Shadow. However, many readers are unaware the series is based on a tragic true story of murder in a small Midwestern town. Today, the tables are turned on MGO host and John Pilate creator Alex Greenwood, as guest host (and former guest!) Brian Hutton interviews Greenwood about that tragic truth, and how Greenwood turned it into a vibrant, critically-acclaimed mystery thriller series...


 2019-10-17  53m

Weird, Scary and Funny with Mark Groves

The perils of publishing, the rites of radio, and the weirdness of working with words are just a few of the subjects we cover when we welcome author, radio pro, podcaster, and paranormal fan Mark Groves to the show. Mark and Alex discuss their love of Halloween, writing, and Mark's real-life haunt investigations. Mark also chats about spook lights, fav books, how he's connected professionally to Sonic Drive-Ins and even the Amazing Kreskin...


 2019-10-10  1h18m