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episode 1: Composing for Bollywood with Priyanka Lalwani

Join us for a fun conversation with the talented Priyanka Lalwani. She composes music for film and TV, most recently for a new Bollywood film. Today she shares her story, how Bollywood films are unique, what goes into scoring a film, as well as marketing tips during the pandemic. Trust us, Priyanka sounds great--listen in! 

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 2022-01-27  30m

Chica and the Man

When Sonia Iris Lozada and Alex met on Mysterious Goings On they laughed, joked, and discussed many subjects besides the reason she was there in the first place, to be interviewed regarding her books. They had so much fun that Sonia had Alex on her podcast Poetic Resurrection.  A friendship developed and here we are with Chica & the Man. 

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 2022-01-07  45m

Chatting and Spinning in the UK

Alex appeared on the Chat and Spin radio show in the UK. Check it out!

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This episode of the Mysterious Goings On Podcast was recorded and mixed at Green Shebeen Studios in beautiful Kansas City, Missouri...


 2021-12-30  4m

episode 30: Tasteless

What does Alex have in common with actor and food raconteur Stanley Tucci? Listen in and find out.

Get Tucci's book, Taste: My Life Through Foodhere.

Listen to "The Knife in My Back"here. Listen to "On Losing It"here.

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 2021-12-28  26m

episode 29: Pop Culture Potpourri with Emma Alvarez Gibson

Listen in for a wide-ranging chat about pop culture with Emma Alvarez Gibson. Emma is the mind behind A Brief Compendium of Cool, a space in which to examine what comprises cool—beyond trends, beyond the current era, and is also damn fun to talk with...


 2021-12-23  47m

episode 28: Luke Gherardi on Children of Violence

Today's guest is Luke Gherardi, author of Children of Violence, a novella about the harsher side of American life. A no holds barred Drama/ thriller, loosely based on real events from the Author's life. The book covers topics of religious extremism, inner-city poverty, violence, drug use, racism. Listen in for this up-and-coming new voice in fiction.

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 2021-12-16  33m

episode 27: Exit the Maze with Dr. Donna Marks

America is addicted to… being addicted. And during the pandemic, COVID has accelerated the addictive mindset. Too many of us abuse one or more things, whether it is smoking cigarettes, vaping, having sex, drugging, drinking, eating, gambling, shopping, or any of a dozen or more unhealthy and sometimes life-threatening, possibly illegal, career-ending, family-damaging habits. We are caught in a maze, like a lab rat. Our guest today, Dr...


 2021-12-14  32m

episode 27: Cassandra Lane on Honoring Our Ancestors

When Cassandra Lane finds herself pregnant at thirty-five, the knowledge sends her on a poignant exploration of memory to prepare for her entry into motherhood. She moves between the twentieth-century rural South and present-day Los Angeles, reimagining the intimate life of her great-grandparents Mary Magdelene Magee and Burt Bridges, and Burt’s lynching at the hands of vengeful white men in his southern town...


 2021-12-09  35m

episode 26: Storytelling and Childrens Books with Michael Pellico

What is the secret to successful children's books? Today we ask author, film producer, and medical researcher Michael Pellico. He grew up in a busy household where both parents worked non-stop to provide for their 11 children. Pellico, as the oldest sibling, took it upon himself to entertain and enlighten his brothers and sisters with creative, escapist, values-based stories. Without even television to distract the kids, Michael held court regularly...


 2021-12-07  33m

episode 25: Why Midlife Bites with Bestselling Author Jen Mann

Jen Mann had what appeared to be the perfect life: a successful career as a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning blogger, a devoted husband, teenage kids who weren’t total jerks, and a badass minivan. So, imagine her surprise when, at forty-seven years old, a midlife crisis kicked her straight in the ladybits...


 2021-12-02  33m