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Coming Soon: Trek Takes

Okay, Star Trek fans... Picard is back for the final season, and as a lifelong fan of the series and a critic of the franchise's direction over the past few years, Alex will talk with film critic and writer Lucas Hardwick, sharing their "first takes" on every episode on "Trek Takes." There are ten episodes of Picard airing this spring on Paramount+, so we will do ten episodes of Trek Takes. Each Trek Takes episode will be 20-30 minutes...


 February 8, 2023  4m

Meet Alex at the Missouri Author Showcase

St. Louis Public Library and Dunaway Books proudly present the Missouri Author Showcase moderated by writer and podcaster J. Alexander Greenwood.

Come listen to readings from local authors Jeff Berney, Fedora Amis, Sally Berneathy, Cynthia Graham, and Piper Punches. Q & A session to follow.

A meet and greet will be held from 5 - 6 pm in the lobby of the auditorium with books available for purchase. The program begins at 6, ending at 8 p.m...


 May 2, 2023  1m

Catch Alex's True Crime Show: GOING TO KILLING CITY.

So excited to announce the launch of a new true crime show that Alex co-hosts!

Kansas City is known for BBQ and fountains, but also for murder. Join veteran podcasting co-hosts Jamie Green (Trading Fours) and Alex Greenwood (Mysterious Goings On, PR After Hours) as they explore the strange and truly odd historic murders that have happened in Kansas City on GOING TO KILLING CITY...


 June 17, 2023  0m

Thank You for Your Support!

My friends, thanks to your support, I am honored to be named the Best Local Author in the Kansas City Magazine Best Of KC 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards!

What I am is a working author who supports writing and writers through my podcasts and advocacy. I accept this accolade on behalf of everybody cranking out great fiction and nonfiction here in Kansas City--usually for little financial reward or precious recognition. I'm grateful to be part of this diligent creative community...


 August 10, 2023  3m

episode 1: Season Premiere: Bo Bancroft on Books, Billboards, Extremism, and Jimmy Carter

Season 11 kicks off with Bo Bancroft, author of the debut novel, Make America Beautiful Again. Bancroft joins Alex for a fun, spirited, and frank conversation about the elements that went into his book, including his intense dislike of billboards, fighting extremism, and not letting the bad guys win.

He was with Turner Broadcasting during the heady days of cable TV as a team member that launched the now-familiar networks Headline News, TNT, and TCM...


 January 26, 2023  31m

episode 2: The Greatest Thing with Kristy Nerstheimer

Celebrate Black History Month with Kristy Nerstheimer, author of The Greatest Thing: A Story About Buck O'Neil. In this award-winning book, illustrated by Christian Paniagua, we join Buck O’Neil, Baseball Hall of Famer, through this first-person narrative from his childhood dreams, to playing baseball with the Kansas City Monarchs, to becoming the first Black coach in the major leagues. He is a baseball legend who showed the world how to live, love and play ball...


 February 2, 2023  32m

episode 3: Savorer's Travels: Asian Food Tourism with Brian Hutton

Meet Brian Hutton, a savorer who has traveled extensively throughout Asia, and has eaten his way through some of the finest cuisine and street food in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea. Join Brian and Alex for a delicious conversation featuring tales of adventurous eating, his fear of a bone in the throat, thoughts on the late Anthony Bourdain, and the subtle differences between the various Asian cultural palates...


 February 9, 2023  55m

episode 4: Breaking into the Youth Market with Tyler Snure

Tyler Snure established Snure Stories and published his first novel, The Jewels of Fate, in 2019 when he was a senior high school student. The Sword of Sorenth is the second book in this fiction, fantasy, adventure trilogy and was just recently released. It quickly reached #8 on Amazon's bestseller list for its category during its launch week...


 February 16, 2023  32m

episode 5: Trek Takes 1: THE NEXT GENERATION

Welcome to a special bonus series here on Mysterious Goings On called TREK TAKES. What is it? Well, Star Trek fans... PICARD is back for the final season, and as a lifelong fan of the series and a critic of the franchise's direction over the past few years, Alex will talk with film critic and writer Lucas Hardwick, sharing their "first takes" on every episode--coming at you every Friday morning throughout the 10-episode run of the show...


 February 17, 2023  58m

episode 6: Small Town Settings, Amnesia and Conversion Vans with Melissa Payne

In today's can't-miss episode, we meet Melissa Payne, bestselling and award-winning author of The Secrets of Lost Stones, Memories in the Drift, and The Night of Many Endings. She first learned the real importance of storytelling when she worked for a residential and day treatment center for abused and neglected children, where she wrote speeches and letters to raise funds...


 February 23, 2023  28m