Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire

We believe that George R. R. Martin has put a lot of effort and thought into creating a deeper dimension of archetype and symbol in his writing. He’s created connections between past and future, between sky and ground. He’s built on classic figures from world mythology and twisted them around in new and incredible ways to fashion his own archetypal characters whose divine roles are played out by the characters in the story. He’s done all of this not only to be artistic and clever, but because he’s actually participating in a grand tradition of esoteric, symbolic art. Keeping this tradition alive is of critical importance and tremendous value to society, and that is why I believe this facet of A Song of Ice and Fire is so worthy of study. This podcast is intended to be our vehicle to explore these inner workings, and it is fueled by enthusiasm, yours and mine.



      Between 2 Weirwoods #3: World-building

      Featuring Aziz from History of Westeros, Gemma from Secrets of the Citadel, and Joe Magician from Maester Monthly podcast and the Joe Magician YouTube channel. Recorded live July 15th, 2018



      Between 2 Weirwoods #2: Being Parented in Westeros

      Featuring Eliana a.k.a. Glass Table Girl and Chloe a.k.a. the Queen of Love and Booty from the Girls Gone Canon podcast as well as Crowfood's Daughter from the Disputed Lands! Flamenco guitar by John Walsh of the John Walsh Guitar YouTube channel.



      Ice Moon Apocalypse (The Blood of the Other 5)

      This is a live performance of the usual scripted podcast, featuring Quinn from ideas of Ice and Fire live performing the readings from the text. It's basically all the symbolism I have found pointing towards another moon meteor incident as the cause of the new Long Night we all know is coming - but symbolically, this is all tied to Jon's resurrection, as I'll explain. We are going to study the Wall and Winterfell in detail, both places which are packed with symbolic messages about the new...



      Between 2 Weirwoods #1: The Timeline

      The debut of my new live panel show, where I will choose a topic and invite on a panel of guests to discuss said topic! The topic today is the timeline, and my special guests are Tony Teflon of the Teflon TV YouTube channel, Gray of the Gray Area YouTube channel, and Quinn from the Ideas of Ice and Fire YouTube channel. We touched on many topics revolving around the events and supposed history of the Dawn Age and Age of Heroes: the first maesters' involvement with the children of the forest ...


       2018-06-18  1h55m

      Con of Thrones 2018: "What Makes GRRM Great"

      Featuring Gemma from Secrets of the Citadel and Joe Magician. Recorded live at Con of Thrones, Saturday May 27th, 2018. Find the video at Joe Magician: Secrets of the Citadel:


       2018-06-01  52m

      Con of Thrones 2018: "Nature Cycle Mythology"

      Featuring Quinn Howard of Ideas of Ice and Fire and Crowfood's Daughter from The Disputed Lands as well as myself (LmL).This is the second in a series of panel discussions recorded live at Con of Thrones 2018. You can see the live version on YouTube (which I recommend). A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the fundraiser and to all of my Patreons, you made this possible!


       2018-05-31  51m

      Con of Thrones 2018: "Mythical Astronomy and Symbolism"

      The first in a series of panel discussions recorded live at Con of Thrones 2018. The audio is from the video camera, so not perfect, but I didn't want to wait for the official audio files to be released to bring this one to you. You can see the live version on YouTube (which I recommend) at A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the fundraiser and to all of my Patreons, you made this possible!


       2018-05-31  54m

      Prose Eddard (Blood of the Other 4)

      What is there to say here? It's the Mythical Astronomy Ned Stark episode. The Blood of the Other series is all about House Stark, so you know we have to talk about the Ned. Intro music by Stanley Black, flamenco guitar by John Walsh, vocal acting by the Amethyst Koala.


       2018-05-11  1h27m

      Guardian of the White Knife Livestream

      The Chasing Shadows livestream went by so well that we didn't have a proper chance to answer all the questions people sent in or to explore the mystery of Brandon Ice Eyes and the Wolf's Den, so I had another livestream on Sunday April 15th, and this is that livestream. Some great observations coming form the chat and from readers in this one, thanks everyone who came out and submitted questions!   The YouTube version is here, in case you'd like to see the snowbeard and black ...


       2018-04-22  1h25m

      Chasing Shadows Livestream

      With special guest Robert from In Deep Geek! Recorded live on Sat April 7th. We only got to half the questions, so I'll be doing *another* livestream next Sunday, April 15th, at 5:00 EST! Come on through! We'll also have that discussion about the Wolf's Den and Brandon Ice Eyes that we didn't have time for here. Thanks to all who came out.


       2018-04-09  1h52m