Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire

We believe that George R. R. Martin has put a lot of effort and thought into creating a deeper dimension of archetype and symbol in his writing. He’s created connections between past and future, between sky and ground. He’s built on classic figures from world mythology and twisted them around in new and incredible ways to fashion his own archetypal characters whose divine roles are played out by the characters in the story. He’s done all of this not only to be artistic and clever, but because he’s actually participating in a grand tradition of esoteric, symbolic art. Keeping this tradition alive is of critical importance and tremendous value to society, and that is why I believe this facet of A Song of Ice and Fire is so worthy of study. This podcast is intended to be our vehicle to explore these inner workings, and it is fueled by enthusiasm, yours and mine.



      Visenya Draconis (Moons of Ice and Fire 3)

      Our third installment in the Moons of Ice and Fire series examines Aegon the Conqueror, Visenya, and Rhaenys as a model for the solar king with two lunar queens. This will lead us to a dramatic revelation about the Night's King, of all people, and will prepare us to examine Rhaegar, Elia and Lyanna as a matching "mythical astronomy love triangle." This is a bloody and action packed episode with tons of dragon carnage, so dig in and enjoy. Send in your questions or comments for our next...



      Bonus: Horrors of the Crypts Livestream

      u/JoeMagician of Reddit and Watchers on the Wall renown joins me, Lucifer means Lightbringer, to present to you a set of spooky theories about the Winterfell crypts so terrifying, so horrifying, you might not even be able to read The Winds of Winter when it comes out. Most of this is be a scripted presentation, with the last 45 minutes opened up to questions, insults, and other absurdities. Recorded live on Sunday, October 29th. Watch the video on Youtube at...



      Moons of Ice and Fire Livestream QnA 10/14/17

      Our first livestream Q&A session of the Moons of Ice and Fire series! Recorded live, Saturday October 14th.



      Dawn of the Others (Moons of Ice and Fire 2)

      We are going to talk about the Others. We are going to talk about Dawn. We are going to talk about Dawn having an ancient link to the Others and ice magic and House Stark. I believe this is the sort of thing which interests you. As a bonus, I'll explain why the Kingsguard are perfect symbolic parallels to the Others, which is totally weird once you pick up on it. Vocal performances by Martin Lewis, guitar music by John Walsh. Matching text is at...



      Shadow Heart Mother (Moons of Ice and Fire 1)

      A new series is upon us, and with it, the Others. We'll begin by studying the Night's Queen, the cold maiden with skin as white as the moon and eyes like blue stars. Find the matching text at, as well as links to our Patreon, any links mentioned in the episode, etc.

      Our music provided by John Walsh, and our vocal acting by Martin "The Reader" Lewis and the Amethyst Koala.



      Weirwood Goddess Livestream QnA 9/17/17

      This is an audio version of the livstream QnA sessions we did on our YouTube channel. If you want to see the video, visit

      We will be doing these YouTube livestreams every month in between podcasts going forward. If you'd like to have a question answered next time, just leave a comment on either the YouTube or Wordpress version of the next episode. Cheers!




      Special Announcement

      We will be doing a Youtube livestream Q&A this Sunday, September 17th, at the old Game of Thrones time: 9:00 EST / 6:00 PST. Come join me and bring your questions and I will answer them live and in color!



      The Cat Woman Nissa Nissa (Weirwood Goddess 3)

      We continue to build the case for Nissa Nissa as a child of the forest by examining the extensive cat woman symbolism of the Nissa Nissa figures in the story. Lady Stoneheart and the Ghost of High Heart; Asha Greyjoy and the wildling spearwives Osha, Ygritte, and Thistle; Cersei Lannister and all her ancestors, including "The Red Widow" Rohanne Webber, and of course, Arya. We will also finally do an extensive comparison of the House of Black and White to all things related to weirwood and...



      It's an Arya Thing (Weirwood Goddess 2)

      This is the long-awaited Arya episode! Arya Stark is a killer with a fine collection of death goddess archetypes such as the Nightwolf, the Ghost in Harrenhal, or a Faceless Man, but she also symbolizes a child of the forest. This is of critical importance to our overarching quest to unravel the mysteries of the War for the Dawn and the Long Night, because Arya is playing into the Nissa Nissa archetype in a very specific way. As you will see, the implications are dramatic: Nissa Nissa may...



      Venus of the Woods (Weirwood Goddess 1)

      In the first episode of Mythical Astronomy, we learned that NIssa Nissa correlates to the moon which was slain by the comet. That's why we call her a moon maiden, and the same goes for all the characters who play the role of Nissa Nissa - they are all types of moon maidens. Now, as we track Azor Ahai through the weirwood forest, we've come upon a new revelation about Nissa Nissa - she's also a weirwood tree maiden. A weirwood goddess, even. Azor Ahai wed Nissa Nissa, and I think he 'wed the...