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episode 148: Moving to Mars

What would a house on Mars look like?



episode 147: Cosmic Girl - from California to Cornwall

Virgin Orbit, Sweden's contribution to space, and an interview with the world's first spacewalker...


 2019-10-15  44m

Boffins on Mars

How clean is really clean? This month, as Europe's Rosalind Franklin Mars rover leaves the UK, Space Boffins visit the clean room to discover the effort needed to keep Mars safe from Earth-bugs. With guest NASA Curiosity mission scientist Sanjeev ...


 2019-09-10  44m

Lunar Heritage and Lost Meteorites

Space Boffins Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson with a TinTin style headline for this month's podcast: lunar heritage and the lost meteorites of Antarctica. Recorded at the recent Bluedot festival, Space archaeologist and co-deputy chair of Austra...


 2019-08-14  38m

Apollo 11 Special (Part 2)

This is a Space Boffins podcast to blow your minds. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings, it features the only woman in launch control for Apollo 11, JoAnn Morgan, talking about her work as an instrumentation controller and coping wi...


 2019-07-10  57m

Apollo 11 Special (Part 1)

As mankind celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings, Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham are joined by bestselling Apollo 11 author David Whitehouse at the British Interplanetary Society. Universal Pictures' highly anticipa...


 2019-06-10  55m

Remarkable Women: A hidden history

Space Boffin Sue Nelson interviews two remarkable women for this podcast: Hidden Figure Christine Darden and Mercury 13 legend and astronaut wannabe, Wally Funk. Darden, who featured in the book Hidden Figures, worked at NASA for 40 years as a math...


 2019-05-16  30m

Giant Rockets to the Moon

The Space Boffins get to see inside the NASA's famous Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Centre - a building so large that it has its own weather system. It's being adapted so that NASA's Saturn V replacement the new SLS or S...


 2019-04-10  47m

Spacecraft Reunited

This month Space Boffins contemplates the missing universe, the nature of humanity and reunites astronaut Nicole Stott with her Space Shuttle Atlantis. Richard Hollingham is joined by theoretical physicist and comedian Dr Fran Day to discuss a new Eu...


 2019-03-11  30m

Astrofest Live!

Space Boffins are live on stage at Astrofest 2019 in London with a stellar line-up of guests to discuss landing on Phobos, weirdly-shaped space rocks and Europe's mission to Mercury. They're joined by science writer Stuart Clark, the Japanese...


 2019-02-11  29m