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Star Death, STEREO & South Africa's SKA bid

What happens when a black hole rips a star to shreds? What can a solar science mission tell us about other stars? And is South Africa prepared for the largest radio telescope ever planned? This month on Naked Astronomy, we explore a unique gamma ...


 2011-06-25  1h9m

The Birth of Sunspots and Black Hole Collisions

How are sunspots born? What does a black hole collision look like? How long does it take to make a full-size galaxy? This month on Naked Astronomy, we find out why people searching for pulsars might spot colliding black holes in their data, how ga...


 2011-05-25  1h8m

The National Astronomy Meeting 2011

In this special podcast from the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno, we hear how twisted sunspots cause solar flares, how 17th century poetry can put a date on a supernova, and why some pulsars are part-timers. We'll find out how CANDELS and...


 2011-04-22  1h11m

Astronomy at the Cambridge Science Festival

In this special edition of the Naked Astronomy podcast we look at the astronomical events held at the Cambridge Science Festival. We'll hear from Dr Dan Stark about exploring the early Universe, find out what tooth x-rays and telescopes have to d...


 2011-03-25  1h1m

Kepler 11 - A Unique Extrasolar System

In this month's Naked Astronomy, we explore the unique system of six planets orbiting the star Kepler 11, and find out what to expect from the James Webb Space Telescope. Plus news of the runaway star spotted by WISE - the Wide-field Infrared Sur...


 2011-02-25  1h11m

Antimatter Storms and the Universe's Dark Ages

This month on Naked Astronomy, we discover the streams of antimatter coming from lightning on Earth, and find out how to study the stars that ended the dark ages and brought light to the universe. We hear about Jupiter's role in Earth asteroid im...


 2011-01-25  1h8m

Lessons from the Past

This month, we read the history of Martian science in a collection of globes, and find out why it's important to understand ancient and aboriginal astronomy. We find out why some Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) are shrouded in darkness, discuss the recen...


 2010-12-25  1h13m

A Decade of Living in Space

The International Space Station celebrated 10 years of habitation this month, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge of life in orbit. We find out more about living in space, as well as discover new gravitational lenses in this month's Naked Ast...


 2010-11-25  1h12m

An Alien's Eye View and Cosmic Climate Change

What would an extrasolar observer see of our solar system? We find out in this month's Naked Astronomy as well as explore the events that led to climate change on a cosmic scale. Plus, news of an asteroid flyby, surfing Venus' atmosphere an...


 2010-10-25  1h11m

Making Steam Inside Stars

How do you make steam inside a star? We explore the science of solar chemistry to find out how water molecules are created inside the envelope of red giants and We get an delegates-eye-view of the European Planetary Science Congress in Rome. In the...


 2010-09-25  1h4m