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episode 57: Colour on the Brain - part 1

How do we see in colour? What actually is colour anyway?



episode 56: Coming off Antidepressants

What is it like to step down from antidepressant drugs?


 2020-01-20  41m

episode 55: When Gaming Gets Out of Control

This month, we're getting to grips with gaming disorder...


 2019-12-20  34m

episode 54: Anxiety and Sex: Naked Neuroscience top up!

Here's a top up of Naked Neuroscience news!


 2019-12-18  13m

episode 53: Go with your gut

What exactly is a gut feeling?


 2019-11-20  33m

episode 52: Understanding addiction

What exactly is addiction? What's going on in the brain?


 2019-10-20  37m

Making moves

This month - what's going on in the brain that allows us to move? How might control over our movements change as we age? And why do armies march in time with each other? We're mulling over the neuroscience of movement. Plus, we'll be tak...


 2019-09-20  39m

The Lonely Mind

This month, we're unpicking the neuroscience of loneliness, asking: Why do so many of us get lonely, what's happening in the brain when we are lonely, and what can be done to help? Plus, we'll be peeling back the science on some of the l...


 2019-08-20  44m

How Do I Smell?

This month, we're talking smelly neuroscience! Can how we smell, and what we smell like, say anything about our health? Plus, we pick apart some of the latest neuroscience papers with the help of local experts......


 2019-07-20  39m

Getting Serious on Sleep

This month - should we be changing the way we view sleep? We're talking slumber and mental health, body clocks and genes, and snoozing's impact on learning and memory. Plus, we'll be diving into some of the latest neuroscience news with ...


 2019-06-20  42m