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Open your mind with Naked Neuroscience, the spine-tingling, interactive monthly exploration of the workings of the nervous system from the Naked Scientists.

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episode 71: Inside the Mind

This month, we're musing over the mind.


 2021-04-23  34m

episode 70: Eating for Your Nervous System

How can what we eat impact our nervous system?


 2021-03-25  45m

episode 69: I'm soooo bored!

"Why is boredom so tiring?","Why can't I find something to do?" Turns out boredom science is fascinating!


 2021-02-23  45m

episode 68: Hallucination Science

What actually is a hallucination, and what is happening in the brain?


 2021-01-29  46m

episode 67: Dogs vs Cats: the Human-Pet Relationship

What makes some cat noises so annoying? Why are we such suckers for "puppy dog" eyes?


 2020-12-18  36m

episode 66: A Walk in the Park

What good does exercise do the brain? Can spending time in nature make you kinder?


 2020-11-20  36m

episode 65: Food on the Brain

Hungry for science? Check out the science of hunger!


 2020-10-21  44m

episode 64: Having a Laugh, Throughout Life

From little ones to big ones, we're delving back into the neuroscience of play...


 2020-09-21  42m

episode 63: Larking About: Play Science

What actually is play? And why is it so important?


 2020-08-26  34m

episode 62: Migraine on the Brain

Why do migraines happen? How can migraines be treated? Can stripes give you a headache?


 2020-07-20  44m