Nakedly Examined Music Podcast

Why do musicians create what they do? Why do they create in that particular way? Mark Linsenmayer (aka songwriter Mark Lint, and host of The Partially Examined Life) talks to songwriters and composers about specific recordings, which are played in full. We cover lyric meanings, writing and recording techniques, arrangements, band dynamics, the stories behind the songs, and even music theory.

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NEM#107: Barry Andrews (Shriekback): Objectifications of Groove

Barry started in '77 playing keys with XTC and after two albums started his own band Shriekback in '81, with whom he's had 14 releases plus some solo albums. He's known for inventive soundscapes placed over solid grooves and philosophical lyrics delive...



NEM#106: John Colpitts (aka Kid Millions/Man Forever): Heavy Meditations

John founded the Brooklyn space-rock cooperative Oneida in the mid 90s and has put out 13 albums with them plus four as his solo project Man Forever and several others as collaborations or as Kid Millions.



NEM#105: Wayne Hussey (The Mission): Salad Daze to Mission Accomplished

Wayne started in the late 70s, was on the first Dead or Alive Album, made his name as guitarist for The Sisters of Mercy's first full album, then led The Mission UK from 1986 through 11 albums plus two solo albums and some collaborations.



NEM#103: Homer Flynn on The Residents’ 50 Years

The Residents were formed in 1969 and have released around 50 albums of theatrical, experimental music with humor and humanity. They're great to freak people out with. The band is anonymous; Homer is the head of their management arm,


 2019-08-16  1h20m

NEM#102: John Andrew Fredrick (The Black Watch): Literary Anglophilia

John has released 17 albums and 5 EPs of guitar-based post-punk as the Black Watch since 1988. He's also an English professor who's published 5 books.   We discuss "Eustacia's Dream" from Magic Johnson (2019), "Emily, Are You Sleeping?


 2019-08-10  1h6m

NEM#101: Helen Money (Alison Chesley): Rock Cellist

Alison was studying classical music when she joined Jason Narducy in 1994 in a duet that grew into two Verbow albums. She's since recorded four solo cello albums and been a guest musician on over 100 albums, playing with Bob Mould, Superchunk,


 2019-07-27  57m

NEM#100: Dan Stuart Faces Truth and Writes Fiction in Mexico

Dan fronted Arizona cow-punk band Green on Red from 1979 to 1992, releasing seven albums and three EPs, and has since released four solo albums and some collaborations, growing increasingly literary, with two of his recent albums accompanied by novels....


 2019-06-21  1h9m

NEM#99: Globelamp (Elizabeth LeFay): Raw, Psychedelic Folk

Elizabeth got her start in the psych-punk band Meowtain in Olympia, WA, emerged as Globelamp in 2011 with an EP, was briefly a touring member of Foxygen, and has put out three albums since 2014. - We discuss "Everything's a Spiral" and listen to "Blac...


 2019-06-02  59m

NEM#98: Phil Judd Entertains Himself

Phil founded New Zealand's Split Enz with Tim Finn in 1972, recorded a seminal punk single with Suburban Reptiles, had an Australian #1 hit with The Swingers, then moved to solo and soundtrack work until 2006,


 2019-05-18  1h6m

NEM#97: Taking Danny Seraphine Back to Chicago

Danny drummed with Chicago from its founding in 1967 through 1990 and wrote several songs for the band during the mid-late 70s, often with David "Hawk" Wolinski. We discuss "Little One" (and our intro music,


 2019-05-03  1h37m