Nakedly Examined Music Podcast

Why do musicians create what they do? Why do they create in that particular way? Mark Linsenmayer (aka songwriter Mark Lint, and host of The Partially Examined Life) talks to songwriters and composers about specific recordings, which are played in full. We cover lyric meanings, writing and recording techniques, arrangements, band dynamics, the stories behind the songs, and even music theory.

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NEM#122: Jack Hues (from Wang Chung) Plays Jazz and Prog

Jack fronted Wang Chung for five albums in the '80s, left the limelight to produce, and got a jazz combo going by 2000 which he's released five albums with, reformed Wang Chung, and only now is having a debut solo release, the double album Primitif.



NEM#121: K.C. Clifford on Brokenness and Power

K.C. has created seven releases of confessional folk (sometimes gospel, sometimes country) since 2000. We discuss "No More Living Small" and listen to "You Couldn't Stay" from her 2020 self-titled album, then talk about "Broken Things" from Orchid (201...



NEM#120: Steve Harley is Wiser and Less Hungry

Steve started fronting Cockney Rebel in the early '70s and has released a dozen albums of of narrative-driven, tuneful songs. We discuss "Compared with You (Your Eyes Don’t Seem to Age)" and listen to "Only You,


 2020-04-24  1h8m

NEM#119: Chris A. Maxwell: The Power of What You Don’t Fully Understand

Chris fronted Gunbunnies in the early '90s and was then a member of Skeleton Key, but he's best known for being half of the production team Elegant Too. Since 2014 he's released two solo albums. We discuss two songs from 2012's New Store No. 2,


 2020-04-11  59m

NEM#118: Matt Wilson (Trip Shakespeare) Is Still a Writer

Matt released 4 albums and got on a major label with Trip Shakespeare in the late '80s, released a solo album in '98, ran bands with fellow Tripper John Munson for three albums over many subsequent years, ad has now released his first album as Matt Wil...


 2020-03-27  1h4m

NEM#117: Chris McQueen (FORQ, Snarky Puppy): Like Fusion, But Cool

Chris has played guitar for Snarky Puppy since it started in 2004, has led rock bands and explored acoustic guitar duets. We discuss "M-Theory" by FORQ from Four (2019), the title track to Western Theatre by Matt Read and Chris McQueen (2019),


 2020-03-13  1h27m

NEM#116: hackedepicciotto: Nomadic Cinematographers

Einstürzende Neubauten's Alexander Hacke and artist/singer Danielle de Picciotto have released seven albums together since 2011, the last four as hackedepicciotto. We discuss "The Banishing" and "Third From the Sun" from The Current (2019) and "Propeh...


 2020-02-28  1h19m

NEM#115: Julie Slick: Pedal Art Visualizer

Julie joined the Adrian Belew Power Trio in 2006 and released two solo albums starting in 2010. She then joined another bassist, Marco Machera for four albums, the last three as Echotest. Why two basses? Because Julie uses tech to change the sound of h...


 2020-02-14  1h23m

NEM#114: Michaela Anne’s Hyper-Reflective Country

Michaela has released four albums of carefully styled, lyrically rich country since 2011.  From her latest, Desert Dove (2019), we discuss the title track, plus you'll hear "By Our Design" as the intro and "Somebody New" as the closer.


 2020-01-31  1h7m

NEM#113: Bid (Monochrome Set): All-Permissive British New Wave Forever!

The Monochrome Set has under the leadership of Bid released 15 albums of eccentric British pop since 1980, and he’s had another nine as Scartlet’s Well. His songs often employ a ’60s dance vibe, literary lyrics,


 2020-01-17  1h6m