Nancy and the Meerkats on Fun Kids

Hear a brand new band called Nancy and the Meerkats break through and become pop sensations like One Direction, Little Mix and Union J!

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What Are Cat's Eyes?

Nancy gets confused and a little angry when she thinks the Cat’s Eyes on the road are Kitty Perry! Big Joe explains all about the little lights that help us see on dark roads!


 2015-02-20  3m

Who invented the TV?

A TV crew come down to the concert to interview Nancy and the band, and Nancy is keen to learn all about the great invention, Television!


 2015-02-17  3m

What is the World Wide Web?

Nancy reads some mean comments about her on the fan websites, but soon finds out it’s the sneaky work of Kitty Perry. She soon becomes addicted to searching the World Wide Web!


 2015-02-14  3m

Who invented the Light Bulb?

Kitty Perry tries to sabotage the show, and Nancy and The Meerkat’s almost have to perform in the dark. Nancy thinks fast and comes up with a clever plan!


 2015-02-11  3m

How does a Thermos Flask work?

Nancy learns all about the clever invention, the Thermos Flask, when Big Joe struggles to keep away on the tour bus and needs a nice hot cup of coffee!


 2015-02-08  3m

Postage is a great invention!

Nancy is confused when a fan complains about not receiving their tickets in the post, but she soon learns it’s just Kitty Perry up to her old tricks!


 2015-02-05  3m

Why is stereo sound better?

The girls are preparing for the show when Kitty Perry strikes again and it looks like the show may have to be cancelled! Can Big Joe and the band come up with a solution?


 2015-02-01  3m

When is a pasty Cornish?

Nancy and the Meerkats hatch a plan to make their fans the happiest ever! It does’t all go to plan thanks to Kitty Perry but can they solve the issue? They also learn just what makes a Cornish pasty so unique.


 2015-01-29  3m

How do we have fire extinguishers?

Nancy moves from singer to cook but it has almost awful consequences! Thankfully a very handy invention from 1723 comes to the rescue.


 2015-01-26  3m

The Barkalong Pong Club!

After learning about Glee Clubs, Nancy has a new idea which could bring the band some new found fame. There’s bad news when it looks like Kitty Perry may have beaten them to it though!


 2015-01-23  3m