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episode 5: Does Your Boss Know You're Gay

Twenty-eight states lack employment protections for LGBT people. And what federal protections do exist are under new attack. — This episode is part of our Out at Work series. Take our quick survey to tell us about your experience being queer at work. — F


 2017-09-10  23m

episode 4: Multiple Lesbians in Any Scenario

"The L Word" is a soap opera, and maybe not even a particularly good one at that. But it's also essential viewing for queer women. — Cameron Esposito is an actor, comedian, and producer. — Sarah Shahi, Erin Daniels, and Mia Kirshner played Carmen, Dana,


 2017-09-03  19m

episode 3: My Brother and Me

Nore Davis tells jokes about his brother, Khalil, being transgender. But they've never really just sat down to talk about it. Plus: Patti Harrison responds to the president. — Nore Davis is a comedian. You can listen to his albums Home Game and Away Game


 2017-08-27  29m

episode 19: The Pentagon's Secret Gaggle of Gays

Even after "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was repealed, the military wasn't an easy place to be out. Audrey Quinn, a WNYC health reporter, reported and produced this story. Special thanks to Alex Wagner, Tarak Shah, Todd Breasseale, and Sue Fulton. All season w


 2017-08-22  23m

episode 1: The Swimsuit Issue

Thanks for the invite, but Tobin's going to skip your pool party. — Sabri Ben-Achour is a senior reporter for Marketplace. — James T. Green is a producer for The Nod. — Babetown hosts pop-up events for queer women. Episode scoring by Jeremy Bloom and Isa


 2017-08-20  25m

Nancy's Back

Your friendly neighborhood LGBTQ podcast is back for season 2. Kathy’s dating, Tobin’s at the beach, and just to make sure this trailer lands up high in the search results: What time is the solar eclipse? New episodes starting Sunday, Aug. 20!


 2017-08-17  2m

episode 17: RuPaul Wants Naked People and Big, Fat Asses

RuPaul navigates performance art with Broad City's Abbi Jacobson in the new WNYC Studios and MoMA podcast A Piece of Work. Nancy returns for season two in August. Subscribe to A Piece of Work wherever you get your podcasts. Support our work. Become a Nan


 2017-07-30  29m

episode 16: Let's Talk About Trump's Trans Ban

An estimated 15,000 trans people currently serve in the U.S. military. We spoke with Jordan Blisk, a former senior airman in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, about why he wanted to serve to begin with, and how it transformed his life for the better. Here's B


 2017-07-27  8m

episode 15: Q is Growing Up

Q Daily is an 11-year-old trans boy. With puberty looming, he and his family have big decisions to make. — Yasmeen Khan is a reporter covering education and youth for the WNYC Newsroom. Her stories were mixed by Wayne Shulmister. Nancy theme by Alexander


 2017-07-16  16m

episode 14: Kathy Goes to Camp

Maybe don't overthink this one. — A-Camp is an annual summer camp for queer women organized by the website Autostraddle. Episode scoring by Jeremy Bloom with guitar performance by Hannis Brown. Theme by Alexander Overington.


 2017-06-25  26m