We have 3 podcasts under the Nashcast Network banner and all under the same feed. Nashcast - NC - A general talk about anything podcast The Digital Squirrel Podcast - DS - A podcast dedicated to discussing movies of the past, honouring anniversaries and talking some trivia and facts about the movie and actors/directors The Empire Pods Back - EPB - Star Wars and nothing but Star Wars related podcast aimed at schooling the NC co-hosts in stuff and thangs they probably didn't know All for fun... For adult fun due to the mature content involved in each recording, sorry kids!

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News Round - NC Ep 119

Scott, Dolli & Sean hit a couple of news stories after a few months of hiatus thanks to lockdown.


 2021-04-11  56m

Dolli - NC Ep 118

This is the introduction of the latest Nashcaster Dolli & our usual bullshit talk of getting to know each other & having a laugh.... Like you used to do at the pub if you can remember such times @Nashcastpod @RealScottNash @FakeNialSean @NinjaDolli


 2020-12-24  1h11m

Rumpology - NC Ep117

Scott and Sean are back talking Rumpology, our new 'ology and what would Sean do if he saw a Clown standing across the road looking at him. @nashcastpod


 2020-11-17  1h23m

Long Story Short - NC Ep 116

This is a tidbits episode so there's no intro or anything. We were about to record our main episode but then got side tracked with this and so thought people could probably relate to some of the issues we experience and thought what the hell,


 2020-11-06  58m

Back With Sound Issues! - NC Ep 115

We apologise for the sound situation in this episode where we talk a load of BS and Halloweeny stuff but we were testing new equipment and everything seemed fine on Skype but not on our recording platform. But I still felt the episode needed to go up a...


 2020-10-22  1h58m

BOOM we're BACK! - NC Ep 114

Scott and Sean are back and discussing what happened after the lockdown break with results that shock Scott to his core!!!! @RealScottNash @FakeNialSean


 2020-09-27  1h25m

Trial By Sith - EPB Ep 25

Scott puts the Jedi on trial in this latest episode of the Empire Pods Back! Sean takes in the information with some very well timed objections, questions and counters. Part 2 eventually will see the Defence put up their case to defend the so call Peac...


 2020-09-23  1h20m

Be Mindful - EPB - Ep 24

Scott and Sean have a quick chat about a theory as to why there's some toxic views on the sequel trilogy and why the minority of "fans" are toxic and  louder than those that appreciate the art, the stories and the magic that is Star Wars. Next up,


 2020-08-10  59m

Catching Up With Mr Hobbit - NC Ep 113

Scott and Sean catch up just before Lockdown happened in the UK. At this point we had only seen a few episodes of Star Trek Picard and DC's Arrow, Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl & Legends of Tomorrow. We have a casual chat about all of them.


 2020-07-29  1h15m

This Is The Walton Way - EPB Ep 23

In this weeks episode Scott and Sean get the view points of Jamie and Chase Walton on the Mandalorian. What we loved, what was a little disappointing. Also discussed is the gender specific issues raised on social media about the show as well as thought...


 2020-01-30  n/a