We have 3 podcasts under the Nashcast Network banner and all under the same feed. Nashcast - NC - A general talk about anything podcast The Digital Squirrel Podcast - DS - A podcast dedicated to discussing movies of the past, honouring anniversaries and talking some trivia and facts about the movie and actors/directors The Empire Pods Back - EPB - Star Wars and nothing but Star Wars related podcast aimed at schooling the NC co-hosts in stuff and thangs they probably didn't know All for fun... For adult fun due to the mature content involved in each recording, sorry kids!

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NC Ep 106 - Elseworlds Crisis

Scott and Sean discuss the Elseworlds crossover episodes from CW's Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl! We also discuss Ruby Rose as Batwoman and a little bit of Flash regarding Eobard Thawne! Spoilers. If your thoughts and predictions are different or if y...



EPB Ep 15 - Path of Redemption & Forgiveness

In this episode of the Empire Pods Back, Scott talks with great friends Sean, Jamie and Chase about redemption and forgiveness in Star Wars. Specifically, Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker and Kylo Ren/Ben Solo.



NC Ep 105 - Holidays and a Girl In an Elevator

Scott bumps uglies with Chris and Sean to talk about holiday fun and a creepy girl in an elevator. Play the game at your own risk! Let us know if it worked at or twitter @nashcastpod



NC Ep 104 - The Walking Dead Highlights

Scott and Sean talk about the events that have happened so far in the latest season of AMC's hit show The Walking Dead. Whilst it's very Rick heavy, we do take time to discuss character deaths and story arcs and future potential.


 2019-03-03  n/a

BnB - Ep 5 - Royalty & Deadbook

Chris and Scott meet up once again during a hot sunny winters day (which is why the windows were open) to discuss a royal issue as well as a social media issue. We'd love to hear what you thought of the social media issue specifically.


 2019-02-13  n/a

NC - Ep 103 - Super Bowl 53 in review

Scott joins with Chris and Nats to discuss the biggest sports event of 2019, the 53rd Super Bowl. The ups and downs of the game including the hype and build up before the game.


 2019-02-06  n/a

NC - Ep 102 - Bumble-Stumble

Scott and Nats tawk the tawk about the Bumblebee movie. Spoilers ahead! And we apologise in advance for some of the skype issues we were having. What are your favourite Transformer moments??? @nashcastpod


 2019-02-05  n/a

DS - Ep 27 - The Squirrel Returns

Sean returns hosting an all new DS return in this one-off lengthy special talking 80's movies, Bumblebee, Eliza Dushku and the best of the Jacks. Strap in a get ready because we're BACK!!!!


 2019-01-31  n/a


Sean and Scott talk the Star Wars talk with a discussion on The Ones of the Force and then we dive into Episode 9 theories outside of the Reylo theory that is sweeping the fandom. Then we explain the potential for more shows and movies and how it can b...


 2019-01-22  n/a

BnB - Ep 4 - It's NOT OK when They Come Out Of Nowhere!

Scott joins Chris in the first Blunts 'n Bitches recording of 2019 talking local events with Chris and social media events with Scott. Happy new year y'all!


 2019-01-12  n/a