We have 3 podcasts under the Nashcast Network banner and all under the same feed. Nashcast - NC - A general talk about anything podcast The Digital Squirrel Podcast - DS - A podcast dedicated to discussing movies of the past, honouring anniversaries and talking some trivia and facts about the movie and actors/directors The Empire Pods Back - EPB - Star Wars and nothing but Star Wars related podcast aimed at schooling the NC co-hosts in stuff and thangs they probably didn't know All for fun... For adult fun due to the mature content involved in each recording, sorry kids!

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Trial By Sith - EPB Ep 25

Scott puts the Jedi on trial in this latest episode of the Empire Pods Back! Sean takes in the information with some very well timed objections, questions and counters. Part 2 eventually will see the Defence put up their case to defend the so call Peac...



Be Mindful - EPB - Ep 24

Scott and Sean have a quick chat about a theory as to why there's some toxic views on the sequel trilogy and why the minority of "fans" are toxic and  louder than those that appreciate the art, the stories and the magic that is Star Wars. Next up,


 2020-08-10  59m

Catching Up With Mr Hobbit - NC Ep 113

Scott and Sean catch up just before Lockdown happened in the UK. At this point we had only seen a few episodes of Star Trek Picard and DC's Arrow, Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl & Legends of Tomorrow. We have a casual chat about all of them.


 2020-07-29  1h15m

This Is The Walton Way - EPB Ep 23

In this weeks episode Scott and Sean get the view points of Jamie and Chase Walton on the Mandalorian. What we loved, what was a little disappointing. Also discussed is the gender specific issues raised on social media about the show as well as thought...


 2020-01-30  n/a

The Rise of Skywalker - EPB Ep 22

SPOILERS!!!!! Scott meets up with Sean, Timo and Natalie a couple of days after the release of the Rise of Skywalker and these are our initial thoughts of the movie. Happy new year and feel free to let us know what you liked or didn't like with the mov...


 2020-01-10  n/a

This Is Our Way - EPB Ep 21

Scott releases Sean for a short while to discuss the first 6 episodes of the Madalorian. On top of that we discuss the toxicity of the fandom again and the message we are trying to get across to people before dipping into theories of the Rise of Skywal...


 2019-12-22  n/a

Jedi Fallen Order - EPB Ep 20

Scott and Sean sit down for a short while to discuss a little about the new game released Jedi: Fallen Order. Spoiler free!


 2019-11-26  n/a

We Have Spoken - EPB Ep 19

Sean returns to join Scott and talk about the first two episodes of the Mandalorian! The highs, the lows and the worries that people may be giving themselves too high expectations for the future? @RealScottNash @FakeNialSean


 2019-11-25  n/a

The Rise Of Palpatine - EPB Ep 18

Scott talks to Chase about the Chosen One prophecy as well as the return of our Lord and Saviour Emperor Palpatine. Then we dip into the Rise of Skywalker trailer (final trailer) and discuss the possible death of Leia,


 2019-11-08  n/a

Accountability - BnB Ep 8

Chris and Scott return to reset the world to how it should have been with an update on what strain Chris is on and then what is going on in the world whilst real world issues are happening. But that doesn't matter,


 2019-10-31  n/a