Daft Monks

One half variety show, one half roleplaying campaign, Daft Monks is a modern pop culture podcast for gamers and sadists alike. Join us every other Friday for funny anecdotes, useless trivia, and the latest installment of our real play Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Formerly known as Nat1 Presents: The Podcast, season two features everyone’s favorite deviants, the notorious Abraham Van Helsing and Trevor Belmont. Support the show at www.daftmonks.com or by sharing your favorite episode on social media.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 54m. Bisher sind 64 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 5: RECAP | Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention

On this special episode of Daft Monks, the Nates take a break from the campaign to recap their experience at the 2022 Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention in Tucson, Arizona...


 2022-03-17  49m

episode 4: S2E04 | Juan Life Gives You Moon Titties

On this episode of Daft Monks, the Nates talk bowling, Debra Ann Wolf's upcoming Twitch D&D  show, and more. The Daft Monks awaken to a murder most foul in the Herron Vineyard church. Enjoy the show? Support the hosts of Nat1 Presents for as little as a dollar!

Intro & Activity | Nate discovers he was his team's handicap on his teenage bowling team and they both discuss the fairy tale setting of Children of Earte coming to Twitch...


 2022-03-04  1h27m

episode 3: S2E03 | Nun Other Than Sister Brother

On this episode of Daft Monks, the Nates talk about the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the return of Futurama to Hulu, the 2000 Dungeons & Dragons movie, and more. The Daft Monks arrive at the Vatican of the East to meet with Blade's contact. Enjoy the show? Support the hosts of Nat1 Presents for as little as a dollar!

Scandal at the winter Olympics, what the Chernobyl Olympic Games would look like, the Director of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and more...


 2022-02-25  1h17m

episode 2: S2E2 | Leave it to Beaverlon

On this episode of Daft Monks, Nate talks about the gift that keeps giving. We give Wordle a once-over, review Vox Machina on Amazon Prime, and the Daft Monks take a trip down cannibal lane. Enjoy the show? Support the hosts of Nat1 Presents for as little as a dollar!

Nate discusses his second go-around with Covid-19 and discusses the growing popularity of the game "Wordle...


 2022-02-11  1h13m

episode 1: S2E1 | A Fate Worse Than McDeath

On the season 2 premiere of Daft Monks, the Nate's are back, remotely, with updates about their new year. Enjoy the show? Support us for as little as a dollar!

Nate readies a move, while other Nate embraces tattoos, traffic school, and embracing a life of crime. They discuss the upcoming Monsters of the Multiverse sourcebook and speculate on the next iteration of Dungeons and Dragons...


 2022-01-28  1h40m

Season 2 Trailer | Introducing the Daft Monks

Daft Monks makes RPG games and discussions accessible to audiences who are not familiar with the rules of Dungeons and Dragons or the nuances characteristic of the player community. Hosted by both a blue-collar conservative and a white-collar, LGBT liberal, we joke about our differences and come together to entertain and share our favorite pastime. The combines the fantasy subject matter of Critical Role with the hilarity of Dungeons and Daddies...


 2022-01-21  2m

episode 57: PTSD&D | Breaking Dad

In this episode of Nat1 Presents, Batman is introduced to his son, a member of the League of Shadows, and thwarts Mr. Freeze and his unruly electric bill.


 2021-12-29  44m

episode 56: D Hunters | Speed Dating

On this episode of D Hunters, Van Helsing tries his hand at speed dating after an unfortunate accident befalls a village's entire population of eligible bachelors. The Nates swap stories from school, talk janitors, and fixate on an excessive amount of ravioli.

Support the show (http://daftmonks.net)


 2021-12-28  31m

episode 55: Class Closeup | How to Play a Bard in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

On this episode of Class Closeup, the hosts take a look at one of the most popular classes in Dungeons and Dragons: the sex-laden Bard. We talk about what kind of players should play bard, what bards excel at, when to avoid playing bard, and name some example bards we've seen in pop culture.

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 2021-12-21  1h5m

episode 54: Nate Versus Nate | Horrible Holiday Movie Pitches

On this episode of Nate Versus Nate, the hosts try to stump each other once more with another round of movie pitches. Befitting of the season, the Nates pick their favorite, nonsensical Hallmark holiday movies to paraphrase hilariously and quiz each other, and even throw in some fake movie premises for fun. Because let's be real, you'd never know the difference anyway.

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 2021-12-14  34m