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17 January 2019: RNA splicing in yeast, and a walking fossil

This week, investigating introns’ roles, and reanimating a fossil.



Podcast Extra: The search for a rare disease treatment

Nick Sireau’s sons have a rare genetic disease called alkaptonuria, which can lead to body tissues becoming brittle, causing life long health issues. In this Podcast Extra, Geoff Marsh speaks to Nick and to the physician Dr Lakshminarayan Ranganath a...



10 January 2019: Fast Radio Bursts and new year future gazing

This week, detecting intergalactic radio bursts, and seeing what’s in store for science in 2019.



26 December 2018: Our reporters' top picks of 2018

In this special round-up episode of the Nature Podcast, a few of our regular reporters choose their favourite podcast piece of 2018, and explain why they enjoyed making it. 



20 December: Quantum physics adds a twist, and festive fun

The Nature Podcast’s 2018 end of year special, including songs, books, our annual quiz, and more!


 2018-12-19  33m

Podcast Extra: Evidence of a ‘transmissible’ Alzheimer’s protein

New research suggests that a key protein involved in the neurodegenerative disease can be transferred between brains.


 2018-12-13  9m

13 December 2018: The art of performing science, and chiral chemistry

This week, ‘performing’ experiments, and making mirrored molecules.


 2018-12-12  24m

06 December 2018: Heart xenotransplants and phage fighting

This week, improving heart xenotransplants and soil bacteria versus phages.


 2018-12-05  24m

29 November 2018: Atomic clock accuracy and wind farm worries

This week, measuring gravity’s strength with clock, and worries over wind farms’ wakes.


 2018-11-28  24m

22 November 2018: An ion-drive aeroplane, and DNA rearrangement.

This week, a solid-state plane engine with no moving parts, and ‘mosaicism’ in brain cells.


 2018-11-21  24m