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The 'ghost roads' driving tropical deforestation

Researchers find that a huge number of roads that don’t appear on official maps, and the protein that could determine whether someone is left-handed.



Audio long read: Why are so many young people getting cancer? What the data say

Researchers are scrambling to explain why rates of multiple cancers are increasing among adults under the age of 50.




How climate change is affecting global timekeeping

Melting polar-ice could delay major time adjustment, and the strange connection between brain inflammation and memory.



AI hears hidden X factor in Zebra finch love songs

Machine learning detects song differences too subtle for humans to hear, and physicists harness the computing power of the strange skyrmion.



Killer whales have menopause. Now scientists think they know why

Data suggests menopause evolved to enable older female whales to help younger generations survive, and how researchers made a cellular map of the developing human heart.


 March 13, 2024  27m

These tiny fish combine electric pulses to probe the environment

Elephantnose fish share electric pulses to extend their senses, and the bumblebees that show a uniquely human trait.


 March 6, 2024  36m

Could this one-time ‘epigenetic’ treatment control cholesterol?

Regulating gene expression lowers blood cholesterol in mice, and how the Universe’s cosmic fog was lifted.


 February 28, 2024  26m

Audio long read: Chimpanzees are dying from our colds — these scientists are trying to save them

Endangered apes are increasingly being put at risk by human diseases.


 February 26, 2024  24m

How whales sing without drowning, an anatomical mystery solved

Baleen whales sing using a modified larynx, but this leaves them them unable to escape human noise


 February 23, 2024  14m