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Coronapod: Old treatments and new hopes

Benjamin Thompson, Noah Baker, and Amy Maxmen discuss efforts to develop treatments for COVID-19.



25 March 2020: Ultra-fast electronic switches, and computing heart health

This week, a speedy, yet simple switch, and a video-based AI helps assess heart health. In this episode: 01:57 Speedy switches Researchers have developed an ultra-fast electrical switch that they hope can be used in communication and imaging applic...



Podcast Extra: Rosamund Pike on portraying Marie Curie

Radioactive is a new biopic on Marie Skłodowska Curie with Rosamund Pike taking on the role of Curie. This Podcast Extra is an extended version of reporter Lizzie Gibney's interview with Rosamund, in which they talk about stepping into th...



Coronapod: “Test, test, test!”

In the first of our new podcast series, Benjamin Thompson, Noah Baker, and Amy Maxmen discuss the epidemiology needed to control the Covid-19 outbreak. In this episode: 03:57 Testing times Case numbers of Covid-19 have leapt around the world in rec...



19 March 2020: Rosamund Pike in Radioactive, and the resurgence of Russian science

This week, we speak to Rosamund Pike about her experience portraying Marie Skłodowska Curie, and we find out how science in Russia is changing after years of decline. In this episode: 01:43 Radioactive British actor Rosamund Pike tells us about her...



Podcast Extra: Coronavirus - science in the pandemic

In this Podcast Extra, we hear from epidemiologists, genomicists and social scientists about how they're working to tackle the coronavirus and what they've learned so far.



Long Read Podcast: Are feelings more than skin deep?

Research in the 1960s and 1970s suggested that emotional expressions – smiling when happy, scowling when angry, and so on – were universal. This idea stood unchallenged for a generation. But a new cohort of psychologists and cognitive scientists are ...



12 March 2020: An ancient bird trapped in amber, and life beneath the ocean floor

This week, a newly discovered bird species from the time of the dinosaurs, and microbes hundreds of metres below the ocean floor. In this episode: 00:44 A tiny, toothy, ancient bird Researchers have found a perfectly preserved bird fossil trapped i...



05 March 2020: Ultrafast machine vision, and quicker crystal creation

This week, improving computers’ image identification, and a new method for growing crystals. 00:44 Upgrading computer sight Researchers have designed a sensor that allows machines to assess images in nanoseconds. Research Article: M...



Backchat: Covering coronavirus

In this edition of Backchat we take a deep dive into Nature's coverage of coronavirus. As cases climb, what are some of the challenges involved in reporting on the virus?


 2020-02-28  15m