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Food shocks and how to avoid them

Addressing the problem of sudden food scarcity in US cities, and the up-and-coming field of computational social science.


 2021-07-07  29m

Coronapod: the biomarker that could change COVID vaccines

Since the beginning oft he pandemic, researchers have searched for a biomarker which indicates immune protection from COVID-19 known as a correlate of protection. Now, the team developing the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine have published the first...


 2021-07-02  15m

The scientist whose hybrid rice helped feed billions

A historian reflects on the life of Chinese crop scientist Yuan Longping, and the possible influence of geothermal energy production on earthquake aftershocks.


 2021-06-30  26m

Audio long-read: How COVID exposed flaws in evidence-based medicine

This is an audio version of our feature: How COVID broke the evidence pipeline


 2021-06-28  22m

Coronapod: should you have a COVID vaccine when breastfeeding?

Early vaccine trials did not include pregnant or breastfeeding people which left some people asking whether COVID vaccines are safe and effective for those who are breastfeeding. The latest data suggests that they are and in this episode of Co...


 2021-06-25  11m

Quantum compass might help birds 'see' magnetic fields

Researchers isolate the protein thought to allow birds to sense magnetic fields, and astronomers pinpoint the stars that could view Earth as an exoplanet.


 2021-06-23  27m

CureVac disappoints in COVID vaccine trial

After a slew of wildly successful vaccine trials, this week marked a more underwhelming result. The third mRNA vaccine to complete phase three trials, developed by CureVac, is just 47% effective at staving off disease according to preliminary data. Thi...


 2021-06-18  13m

Communities, COVID and credit: the state of science collaborations

The pros and pitfalls of collaboration, with insights from researchers and beyond.


 2021-06-16  30m

Coronapod: Counting the cost of long COVID

The global burden of COVID-19 has predominantly been measured using metrics like case numbers, hospitalisations and deaths. But the long term health impacts are more difficult to capture. In this episode of Coronapod we discuss one way that public heal...


 2021-06-12  10m

Google AI beats humans at designing computer chips

An AI that designs computer chips in hours, and zooming in on DNA’s complex 3D structures. In this episode: 00:46 An AI computer microchip designer Working out where to place the billions of components that a modern computer chip needs can take hum...


 2021-06-09  25m