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A synthetic eye that 'sees' like a human

This week, crafting an artificial eye with the benefits of a human's, and understanding how disk-galaxies formed by peering back in time. In this episode: 00:45 Biomimetic eye Researchers fabricate an artificial eye complete with a human-like ...


 2020-05-20  22m

Coronapod: The misinformation pandemic, and science funding fears

With questionable coronavirus content flooding airwaves and online channels, what’s being done to limit its impact?  In this episode:   00:57 The epidemiology of misinformation As the pandemic spreads, so does a tidal wave of misinf...


 2020-05-15  31m

The super-sleuth who spots trouble in science papers, and the puzzle of urban smog

This week, Elisabeth Bik tells us about her work uncovering potential image manipulation, and a new route for particulate pollution formation. In this episode: 00:45 Seeing double Elisabeth Bik spends her days identifying duplicated images in scien...


 2020-05-13  20m

Coronapod: The dangers of ignoring outbreaks in homeless shelters, plus coronavirus and drug abuse

Outbreaks among those unable to isolate are spreading under the radar. We hear about the researchers scrambling to get a handle on the situation.


 2020-05-08  28m

07 May 2020: Galileo and the science deniers, and physicists probe the mysterious pion

This week, a new way to study elusive subatomic particles - pions, and the story of Galileo remains relevant in a time of modern science denialism. In this episode: 00:46 Probing pions Pions are incredibly unstable and difficult-to-study subatomic ...


 2020-05-06  22m

Coronapod: What use are contact tracing apps? And new hopes for coronavirus drug remdesivir

The Coronapod team pick through the latest news, plus we hear from the researchers making lemonade out of lockdown lemons.


 2020-05-01  31m

30 April 2020: A sniff test for consciousness, and how to cut antibiotics use — with vaccines

This week, how the ‘sniff-response’ can help clinicians determine a patient's state of consciousness, and how vaccines could help drive down antibiotic use. In this episode: 00:45 Sniffing out consciousness Researchers have found that the snif...


 2020-04-29  23m

Coronapod: The race to expand antibody testing

We discuss the role of antibody tests in controlling the pandemic, and how public-health spending could curtail an economic crisis. Also on the show, the open hardware community's efforts to produce medical equipment.


 2020-04-24  32m

23 April 2020: Denisovan DNA in modern Europeans, and the birth of an unusual celestial object

This week, evidence of ancient hominin DNA in modern human genomes, and the origin of a snowman-shaped object at the edge of the solar system. In this episode: 00:45 Intermixing of ancient hominins By combing through the DNA of over 27,000 modern d...


 2020-04-22  23m

Coronapod: Troubling news

Benjamin Thompson, Noah Baker, and Amy Maxmen discuss Trump withholding funds from the WHO, and how COVID-19 kills. We also hear about controlling misinformation while communicating risk.


 2020-04-17  29m