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The Nature Podcast brings you the best stories from the world of science each week. We cover everything from astronomy to zoology, highlighting the most exciting research from each issue of Nature journal. We meet the scientists behind the results and provide in-depth analysis from Nature's journalists and editors. For complete access to the original papers featured in the Nature Podcast, subscribe to Nature.

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Nature Podcast: 25 September 2014

25 September: This week, how age determines bird migration, using lizards to test biodiversity theories, and translating cosmology using a simple set of words.


 2014-09-24  35m

Nature Podcast: 18 September 2014

18 September: This week, artificial sweeteners might cause glucose intolerance, striving for diversity in science, and a taster of new podcast, Backchat.


 2014-09-17  35m

Nature Extra: Backchat

Backchat brings you the stories and opinion behind the science each month. On this pilot episode, Rosetta spacecraft excitement, the genetics of intelligence, and sociable scientists.


 2014-09-15  37m

Nature Podcast: 11 September 2014

11 September: This week, the gibbon genome gives scientists something to swing about, the quest to cure blindness, and the country producing the most energy from renewables.


 2014-09-10  37m

Nature Podcast: 04 September 2014

04 September: This week, sustainable farming to feed a hungry world, gene editing for research and therapy, and a fresh look at Aristotle’s science.


 2014-09-03  39m

Nature Podcast Extra: Futures

Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Kerri Smith reads you her favourite from August, The angle of the light on the bloodstained kitchen floor, by Matt Mikalatos.


 2014-08-29  16m

Nature Podcast: 28 August 2014

28 August: This week, fish that walk on land, imaging something using light that never touched it, and the microbes that make cheese.


 2014-08-27  38m

Nature Podcast: 21 August 2014

21 August: This week, how seals took tuberculosis to the Americas, a better map of Neanderthals in Europe, and microbial life lurking beneath the Antarctic ice.


 2014-08-20  22m

Nature Podcast: 14 August 2014

14 August: This week, piles of rubble in space, a caution about epigenetics, pregnancy and blame, and the anatomy of an earthquake.


 2014-08-13  37m

Nature Podcast: 07 August 2014

07 August: This week, corralling carbon nanotubes, a chemist’s dream machine, and an exhibition about an artist who fakes scientific discoveries.


 2014-08-06  35m