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The Nature Podcast brings you the best stories from the world of science each week. We cover everything from astronomy to zoology, highlighting the most exciting research from each issue of Nature journal. We meet the scientists behind the results and provide in-depth analysis from Nature's journalists and editors. For complete access to the original papers featured in the Nature Podcast, subscribe to Nature.

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Nature Podcast: 29 May 2014

29 May: This week, cooking that kills, fears of a post-antibiotic world, and figuring out where all the antimatter that should be in the universe has gone.


 2014-05-28  26m

Nature Podcast: 22 May 2014

22 May: This week, antibiotic resistance lurking in soil, the complex nervous system of the supposedly simple comb jelly, and making a baby with DNA from three people.


 2014-05-21  25m

Nature Podcast: 15 May 2014

15 May: This week, transforming baby-killing mice into caring dads using a genetic switch, how using male cells and animals could bias results, and how water loss in California may be moving mountains.


 2014-05-14  26m

Nature Podcast Extra: Futures

Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Noah Baker reads you our favourite from April, Pop-ups, by Robert Dawson.


 2014-05-12  6m

Nature Podcast: 08 May 2014

08 May: This week, scientists turn to crowd-sourcing to figure out the retina, reconstructing the evolution of the Universe, and a semi-synthetic organism with a man-made base pair.


 2014-05-07  26m

Nature Podcast: 01 May 2014

01 May: This week, the deadly impact of two volcanic eruptions in recent human history, farmers turn into researchers to get better yields, and using stem cells to regenerate monkey hearts.


 2014-04-30  28m

Nature Podcast: 24 April 2014

24 April: This week, the function of the Y chromosome, helping corals breed in the face of climate change, and the scientific life of author Beatrix Potter.


 2014-04-23  25m

Nature Podcast: 17 April 2014

17 April: This week, how egg and sperm hook up, how the countryside benefits biodiversity, and harnessing the sun’s power for the developing world.


 2014-04-16  26m

Nature Podcast Extra: The man who couldn’t stop

Nature Extra: Nature editor David Adam has lived with OCD for 20 years. In a new book he talks about his experiences and sets out our current understanding of the condition.


 2014-04-11  14m

Nature Podcast: 10 April 2014

10 April: This week, a nasty parasite that eats cells alive, an ecological experiment floods the Colorado River delta, and the truth behind being an IPCC contributor.


 2014-04-09  26m