Neon Shadows: A Noir Tale

Murder! Mystery! Tragedy! Private investigator Frank Dixon solves the dark secrets of a city in turmoil! An easy going war vet and gumshoe has his life turned upside down when a simple case sets fantastic events into motion.

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episode 2: Chapter 8: My Own Worst Enemy

Dusty wakes up no longer restrained. Frank opens up about his past while he and Ulysses are trapped in an old building. *** WE SUGGEST LISTENING WITH HEADPHONES FOR MAXIMUM IMMERSION! *** To help support the show head to


 2021-04-27  24m

Chapter 7: Seekers

Frank and Ulysses find a ghost town with secrets buried deep. Dusty and Sam handle day to day operations and take on a "simple" case. ***   WE SUGGEST LISTENING WITH HEADPHONES FOR MAXIMUM IMMERSION!   ***  


 2021-04-20  27m

episode 7: A Very Neon Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Enjoy this non-canon bonus episode to tide you over till season 2! Cast: Frank Dixon / Santa / Extras: Ian Knowles Lady / Cordelia: Amber Tubman Dusty / Twig: Dan Faulkner Joe: Tyler Brown


 2020-12-15  26m

A Very Neon Christmas Trailer

A taste of the holiday 2020 special of Neon Shadows A Noir Tale. Our season two kickstarter was a success and we pledged to bring you a feel good Christmas event!


 2020-12-07  1m

episode 1: Season 2 Trailer

Just a little taste of what's coming. This season is going to be bigger in every way. Better quality. Longer episodes. More characters to love, or love to hate. There's going to be two main characters in season two. So buckle up.


 2020-10-29  1m

Thank You From Neon Shadows

The cast of Neon Shadows A Noir Tale has a message for our faithful listeners!


 2020-09-15  3m

episode 6: Chapter 6: The Wasp And The Spider

Frank's devastation darkens his heart. A long awaited face-off reaches its climax.


 2020-09-08  n/a

episode 5: Chapter 5: Get Well Soon

After Frank's run-in with the killer, an even more shocking revelation rocks his world.


 2020-09-01  n/a

episode 7: Season 1 Trailer

Season 1 Trailer


 2020-08-28  0m

episode 4: Chapter 4: Paper Trail

Frank and Lady find comfort in each other. A chance meeting turns Frank's case upside down.


 2020-08-25  n/a