Neon Shadows: A Noir Tale

Murder! Mystery! Tragedy! Private investigator Frank Dixon solves the dark secrets of a city in turmoil! An easy going war vet and gumshoe has his life turned upside down when a simple case sets fantastic events into motion.


episode 9: Chapter 15: Spill Your Guts

A glimpse into the past of Ulysses shows a different side of him. Dusty suffers through his loss. A secret meeting between ancients raise questions.     ***   Featuring a pre roll ad for another great podcast, "Help Is On The Way" !   ***  


 2021-08-31  24m

episode 10: Chapter 16: Unexpected Guests

The gangs all here preparing for a final assault on Gareth at Phantom Corp. However, their plans are interrupted.   *** WE SUGGEST LISTENING WITH HEADPHONES FOR MAXIMUM IMMERSION! ***   To help support the show head to


 2021-09-07  18m

episode 11: Chapter 17: Bear With Me

The time for revenge is here. The assault on Phantom Corp commences.***WE SUGGEST LISTENING WITH HEADPHONES FOR MAXIMUM IMMERSION!*** To help support the show head to to become a patron and receive awesome perks!


 2021-09-14  4h20m