Nerd Nuptial

Checkout two married nerds and their slant on all things geek.Join The Girl and her husband, Tristan Riddell, as they delve deep into TV, Film, Nerd Culture, and everything in-between.


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Episode 003 - Oats are Expensive

Better Call Saul Season 2 is up and running! As you know, The Girl and Tristan are huge Breaking Bad fans and the spinoff show, Better Call Saul, is not a disappointment. Here they discuss the first two episodes.They start the show with joyous news...


 2016-02-25  43m

Episode 002 - My Science

X-Files Wrap Up! The X-Files revival is over so The Girl and Tristan finish what they started. They discuss all six episodes with where they excelled and where they fell flat.They start off the show with discussing “The Deadpool” effect and how it...


 2016-02-25  58m

Episode 001 - Axe to the Face

You asked for more and so we’re giving it to you. Join The Girl and her husband, Tristan Riddell, on the first ever spinoff of The Nerd Party. This week we discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead “No Way Out.” Say “I do” to married nerd life.  


 2016-02-17  39m