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episode 63: NOP Presents Good Omens

We finally tackle the collaborative effort of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman...Good Omens. My guests this time include Byron Hatfield, Rob Shumate, Zach Muhn, and Peter Foos. We have two outcasts for this discussion....myself (whom has never read the bo...



episode 62: NOP Presents Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy VIII just got a recent remaster, and next year we get the glorious looking Final Fantasy VII we decided it was a great time to chat about Final Fantasy IX! My RPG lovers this time around are Gavin Donnellan, Andrew Babcock, John...


 2019-09-18  1h26m

episode 61: NOP Presents Skyward Sword

It's always a lengthy discussion when chatting about The Legend of Zelda, and on today's episode we discuss Skyward Sword. My guests this time around include Dan Schiffmacher, Christian Missonak, and Jeremy Kanne. Seen as the game that both proved the us...


 2019-07-29  1h31m

episode 60: NOP Presents Game of Thrones

Winter has come and gone, and the war for the Iron Throne has it's time to discuss the massive show that captured TV for a generation...Game of Thrones. My experts (and outcasts) for this one are Kitten McCreery, Thom Brown, John Loos, Daniell...


 2019-06-19  1h31m

episode 59: NOP Presents The MCU

It's a massive discussion today on NOP as we chat about the state of the recently finished Infinity Saga and where the MCU goes from here. Joining me for this huge discussion are Chris Lloyd, DJ Fink, Ricky Galore, Rob Shumate, and Briggs Hatton. We look...


 2019-05-29  1h12m

episode 58: NOP Chats Fallout

Nerd Outcast is back, and we are chatting about the video game series Fallout! Joining me for the post-apocalyptic discussion are Sean Okerberg, Zach Muhn, Peter Foos, and Andrew Babcock. Since I've never played this series, I happily step in as outcast....


 2019-05-01  1h10m

episode 57: NOP Chats with The MEGAS

Welcome back! Its been a few months since our host moved across the country, and we return with a fun episode. We previously had a discussion on our show about the Mega Man rock group, The Megas. After our episode, the band reached out and now we have th...


 2019-03-20  1h16m

episode 56: NOP Chats Smash Bros Ultimate

Its the final podcast of 2018! Christmas is just around the corner, and a new Smash Bros game has been released! We bring Nintendo Nerds together across the biggest cities in the US...Los Angeles and Chicago and New discuss the game. This all s...


 2018-12-18  1h38m

episode 55: NOP 100th Episode

A while back, we surpassed our 100th episode and totally FORGOT TO CELEBRATE.  So now, host Chris Bashen finally reconciles that problem. What happens when you get 17 nerds on 9 different mics across 3 stations with a TON of alcohol? A menagerie of ponde...


 2018-11-28  1h25m

episode 54: NOP Stories Presents The Megas

NOP Host Chris Bashen recently relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles...but before leaving, he recorded a series of nerdy topics with some of his best guests and friends...... Jeremy Kanne joins me on the mic to chat about the video game rock group, The M...


 2018-11-09  1h8m