Nevada Wild

Brought to you by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), Nevada Wild is a weekly, audio program designed to take an in-depth look at issues impacting wildlife. The program features news, information and comprehensive interviews with staff and guests about matters related to hunting, fishing, boating, wildlife watching, species management, outdoor safety and a host of other topics. The program is hosted by Edwin Lyngar and Teresa Malloy.

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Get Involved with Wildlife Through Bird Watching

One of the best ways people can get involved with wildl […]


 2018-01-13  26m

A Promising Year for Ice Fishing In Nevada

With the onset of winter, many people in Nevada begin to think about Ice Fishing. A wet 2017 should make for some the good ice fishing this year. Unlike fishing in the spring or fall, anglers need to take some extra equipment and safety precautions bef...


 2018-01-04  27m

NDOW fisheries biologist salvage fish in Willow Creek Reservoir

People who fish in Nevada know many of the more remote spots that are some of the most special places to catch fish anywhere in America. Willow Creek, near Midas, is one such place. It's a man-made reservoir where you can catch crappie alongside Nevada...


 2017-12-28  25m

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Enthusiast

If you have a sportsman in your life, Christmas is a great opportunity to help them get the gear they need to pursue their outdoor passions. This week on Nevada Wild, Edwin sits down with biologist Chris Crookshanks,


 2017-12-21  n/a

Nevada’s Success Managing the Columbia Spotted Frog

Regular listeners to the show know that in addition to game species, NDOW is also tasked with management of every other species in Nevada, including animals as diverse as bats and frogs. On today's show, learn about one of Nevada’s big successes with a...


 2017-12-15  27m

Southern Nevada’s Late Fall and Winter Recreation Opportunities

Most people think about boating and fishing during the warmer months of the year, but Nevada has great opportunities year around, especially in Southern Nevada. If you are going to go out fishing or boating in November or December,


 2017-11-16  27m

Oxbow Nature Study Area Features Raptors

NDOW's Wildlife Education program conducts monthly community events at the Oxbow Nature Study Area just outside of downtown Reno on the Truckee River. This month it will feature raptors, including owls, hawks and other birds of prey. This week,


 2017-11-09  25m

The Benefits of Consuming Wild Game

A short time ago, we covered big game cooking classes on Nevada Wild. This week, we again talk about the benefits of consuming wild game and how you can learn how to do it. This week, Edwin sits down with Kristy Crabtree from Nevada Foodies,


 2017-11-02  27m

Nothing To It! Wild Game Cooking Class

A great many people love to hunt and fish, but some spo […]


 2017-10-26  26m

Waterfowl Hunting

As the weather grows cold, many people start thinking about hunting, especially waterfowl hunting. NDOW has many resources for would-be waterfowl hunters, from waterfowl seminars to a new Small Game Guide to eminently knowledgeable biologists.


 2017-10-19  26m