New Books in Genocide Studies

Interviews with Scholars of Genocide about their New Books

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episode 704: Nancy Sinkoff, "From Left to Right: Lucy S. Dawidowicz, the New York Intellectuals, and the Politics of Jewish History" (Wayne State UP, 2020)

Sinkoff offers s the first comprehensive biography of Dawidowicz (1915-1990), a pioneer historian in the field that is now called "Holocaust Studies"..


 2020-03-17  59m

episode 182: Paul Hanebrink, "A Specter Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism" (Harvard UP, 2018)

Hanebrink shows how Fascists, Conservatives and Nazis imagined Jewish Bolsheviks as enemies who crossed borders to subvert order from within and bring destructive ideas from abroad...


 2020-03-16  37m

episode 71: Great Books: Hillary Chute on Art Spiegelman's "Maus"

Art Spiegelman's Maus is the story of an American cartoonist's efforts to uncover and record his father's story of survival of the Holocaust...


 2020-03-10  1h0m

episode 122: Steven Ross and Wolf Gruner, "New Perspectives on Krystallnacht" (Purdue UP, 2019)

On November 9, 1938, the Nazis launched a pogrom against German Jews...Kristallnacht.


 2020-03-05  1h1m

episode 111: Eva van Roekel, "Phenomenal Justice: Violence and Morality in Argentina" (Rutgers UP, 2020)

Van Roekel approaches the question: how do survivors, victims, and perpetrators of political violence experience justice on their own terms?


 2020-02-26  1h5m

 2020-02-25  42m

episode 110: Alex J. Kay and David Stahel, "Mass Violence in Nazi-Occupied Europe" (Indiana UP, 2018)

The book argues for a more comprehensive understanding of what constitutes Nazi violence and who was affected by this violence...


 2020-02-11  42m

episode 103: K. Linder et al., "Going Alt-Ac: A Guide to Alternative Academic Careers" (Stylus Publishing, 2020)

If you’re a grad student facing the ugly reality of finding a tenure-track job, you could easily be forgiven for thinking about a career change...


 2020-01-30  39m

episode 109: Wulf Gruner, "The Holocaust in Bohemia and Moravia: Czech Initiatives, German Policies, Jewish Responses" (Berghahn Books, 2019)

The Holocaust in Bohemia and Moravia bore some similarities to that in other places, but also differed in ways that lead to new questions and approaches...


 2020-01-23  1h3m

episode 73: Jennifer Cazenave, "An Archive of the Catastrophe: The Unused Footage of Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah" (SUNY Press, 2019)

Cazenave offers a fascinating analysis of the 220 hours of outtakes edited out of the final nine and a half-hour 1985 film with which listeners and readers might be familiar...


 2020-01-20  1h2m