New Books in Geography

Interviews with Geographers about their New Books

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episode 306: Alyssa M. Park, “Sovereignty Experiments: Korean Migrants and the Building of Borders in Northeast Asia, 1860-1945" (Cornell UP, 2019)

Park focuses on the movement of Koreans around the point where China, Russia and Korea converged from the mid-19th century onwards...



episode 152: Susan Schulten, "A History of American in 100 Maps" (U Chicago Press 2018)

Schulten uses maps to explore five centuries of American history, from the voyages of European discovery to the digital age...



episode 660: Chet Van Duzer, "Martin Waldseemüller’s 'Carta marina' of 1516: Study and Transcription of the Long Legends" (Springer, 2019)

Van Duzer presents the first detailed study of one of the most important masterpieces of Renaissance cartography...


 2019-12-06  59m

episode 42: Alberto Cairo, "How Charts Lie: Getting Smarter about Visual Information" (Norton, 2019)

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if we don’t understand what we’re looking at?


 2019-12-03  57m

episode 54: Emanuela Grama, "Socialist Heritage: The Politics of Past and Place in Romania" (Indiana UP, 2019)

Grama explores the socialist state's attempt to create its own heritage, as well as the legacy of that project...


 2019-12-02  57m

 2019-11-15  35m

episode 30: R. Cervero, E. Guerra, S. Al, "Beyond Mobility: Planning Cities for People and Places" (Island Press, 2017)

"Beyond Mobility" is about prioritizing the needs and aspirations of people and the creation of great places...


 2019-11-15  49m

episode 240: Margaret E. Schotte, "Sailing School: Navigating Science and Skill, 1550-1800" (Johns Hopkins UP, 2019)

Schotte charts more than two hundred years of navigational history as she investigates how mariners solved the challenges of navigating beyond sight of land...


 2019-11-14  56m

episode 41: Serin D. Houston, "Imagining Seattle: Social Values in Urban Governance" (U Nebraska Press, 2019)

Houston’s finds three major social values--social justice, sustainability, and creativity—pervade policy creation in the city and condition privileges and oppressions...


 2019-11-06  44m

episode 45: Kathryn Conrad on University Press Publishing

What do university presses do, and how do they do it?


 2019-11-03  40m