New Books in Language

Interviews with Scholars of Language about their New Books

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 2020-06-02  2h0m

 2020-05-27  1h3m

episode 73: Thomas A. Discenna, "Discourses of Denial: The Rhetoric of American Academic Labor" (Routledge, 2017)

Discenna paints a compelling picture of “the denial of academic labor” happening across public and private institutions...


 2020-05-27  1h2m

episode 74: Jennifer Mercieca, "Demagogue for President: The Rhetorical Genius of Donald Trump" (Texas A&M UP, 2020)

Mercieca describes the Trump campaign’s expert use of the common demagogic rhetorical techniques...


 2020-05-27  54m

episode 50: Diana Senechal, "Mind over Memes: Passive Listening, Toxic Talk, and Other Modern Language Follies" (Rowman and Littlefield, 2018)

Senechal examines words, concepts, and phrases that demand reappraisal...


 2020-05-25  1h0m

episode 431: James M. Jasper, "Public Characters: The Politics of Reputation and Blame" (Oxford UP, 2020)

Did Donald Trump win the U.S. presidency in 2016 because he was a master of character work – able to sum up opponents in pithy epithets that encourage the public to see them as weak or immoral?


 2020-05-22  44m

episode 72: E. Michele Ramsey, "Major Decisions: College, Career, and the Case for the Humanities" (U Penn Press, 2019)

Ramsey offers a robust defense of Communication and the Humanities as disciplines of study...


 2020-05-13  1h18m

episode 70: John R. Gallagher, "Update Culture and the Afterlife of Writing" (Utah State UP, 2020)

Looking at wealth of case studies among Amazon reviewers, redditors, and established journals, "Update Culture" is a deep diver into the many factors that contribute to the circulation of a digital text


 2020-05-11  1h13m

episode 112: J. Packer and E. Stoneman, "A Feeling of Wrongness: Pessimistic Rhetoric on the Fringes of Popular Culture" (Penn State UP, 2019)

"A Feeling of Wrongness" explores how these texts twist genres, upend common tropes, and disturb conventional narrative structures in a way that catches their audience off guard...


 2020-05-06  1h6m

episode 142: M. R. Michelson and B. F. Harrison, "Transforming Prejudice: Identity, Fear, and Transgender Rights" (Oxford UP, 2020)

Michelson and Harrison examine what tactics are effective in changing public opinion regarding transgender people...


 2020-05-04  51m