New Books in Psychology

Interviews with Psychologists about their New Books

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episode 10: Suri Hustvedt, "Memories of the Future" (Simon and Schuster, 2019)

How Do We Write Our Personal History at the Same Time That It’s Written for Us?



episode 756: Fay Bound Alberti, "A Biography of Loneliness: The History of an Emotion" (Oxford UP, 2019)

Fay Bound Alberti argues that loneliness is not an ahistorical, universal phenomenon. It is, in fact, a modern emotion: before 1800, its language did not exist...



episode 9: Caroline Stokes, "Elephants Before Unicorns: Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies to Save Your Company" (Entrepreneur Press, 2019)

How does avoidance of conflict ultimately create more conflict in the workplace?


 2020-07-09  46m

episode 76: Saul J. Weiner, "On Becoming a Healer: The Journey from Patient Care to Caring about Your Patients" (Johns Hopkins UP, 2020)

Weiner argues that joy in medicine requires more than idealistic aspirations―it demands a capacity to see past the "otherness" that separates the well from the sick,...


 2020-07-08  50m

episode 57: Evy Poumpouras, "Becoming Bulletproof" (Atria Press, 2020)

Former Secret Service agent and star of Bravo’s Spy Games, Evy Poumpouras, shares lessons learned from protecting presidents...


 2020-07-07  46m

episode 56: S. Moskalenko and C. McCauley, "Radicalization to Terrorism: What Everyone Needs to Know" (Oxford UP, 2020)

The authors propose twelve mechanisms that can move individuals, groups, and mass publics from political indifference to sympathy and support for terrorist violence...


 2020-07-06  58m

episode 8: Charlene Li, "The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail" (IdeaPress, 2019)

What does it take for a company’s culture to enable ongoing growth?


 2020-07-02  47m

episode 109: Pehr Granqvist, "Attachment in Religion and Spirituality: A Wider View" (Guilford Press, 2020)

Granqvist focuses on the connections between early caregiving experiences, attachment patterns, and individual differences in religious cognition, experience, and behavior...


 2020-06-25  51m

 2020-06-25  43m

episode 108: Emily Balcetis, "Clearer, Closer, Better: How Successful People See the World" (Ballantine Books, 2020)

How can we improve our productivity by literally seeing the world differently than before?


 2020-06-25  41m