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Annette Kolodny, “In Search of First Contact” (Duke University Press, 2012)

We all know the song. “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…” And now, thankfully, we all know the controversy; celebrating a perpetrator of genocide might say a few unpleasant things about the country doing the celebrating.


 2013-10-01  40m

Simon Keller, “Partiality” (Princeton UP, 2013)

Our moral lives are shaped by a deep commitment to the moral equality of all persons.  This thought drives us to think, for example, that each person’s life is of equal moral importance, that each person is deserving of equal regard,


 2013-10-01  1h5m

Robert Cassanello, “To Render Invisible: Jim Crow and Public Life in New South Jacksonville” (University Press of Florida, 2013)

The story of the rise of Jim Crow in Jacksonville, Florida is in many ways illustrative of the challenges facing newly emancipated African Americans throughout the South with local officials erecting barriers to black participation; blacks building ins...


 2013-09-30  1h9m

Adam R. Shapiro, “Trying Biology: The Scopes Trial, Textbooks, and the Anti-Evolution Movement in American Schools” (University of Chicago Press, 2013)

During the 1924-25 school year, John Scopes was filling in for the regular biology teacher at Rhea County Central High School in Dayton, Tennessee. The final exam was coming up, and he assigned reading from George W.


 2013-09-27  1h11m

James Greene Jr., “This Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story of the Misfits” (Scarecrow Press, 2013)

New Jersey. Home to Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Yo La Tango. . .and the Misfits, a hardcore metal horror rock band from Lodi. In This Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story of the Misfits (Scarecrow Press, 2013), James Greene Jr.


 2013-09-27  1h6m

George Brock, “Out of Print: Newspapers, Journalism and the Business of News in the Digital Age” (Kogan Page, 2013)

George Brock approached his book about newspapers and journalism in the digital age unwilling to write another gloom-and-doom narrative about the death or decline of the industry. When he studied the historical development of journalism and current tre...


 2013-09-27  39m

John P. DiMoia, “Reconstructing Bodies: Biomedicine, Health, and Nation-Building in South Korea Since 1945” (Stanford UP, 2013)

For a patient choosing among available forms of healing in the medical marketplace of mid-20th century South Korea, the process was akin to shopping. In Reconstructing Bodies: Biomedicine, Health, and Nation-Building in South Korea Since 1945 (Stanford...


 2013-09-27  1h24m

Colm Mulcahy, “Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects” (A K Peters, 2013)

[Re-posted with permission from Wild About Math] I had the pleasure of interviewing mathematician and mathematical card magic innovator Colm Mulcahy. Dr. Mulcahy just published a book, Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects (A K Peters,


 2013-09-26  1h15m

Rodney H. Jones, “Health and Risk Communication: An Applied Linguistic Perspective” (Routledge, 2013)

Scientists – and I claim to include myself in this category – sometimes seem to be disparaging about the ability of people in general to understand and act upon quantitative data, such as information about risk in the medical domain.


 2013-09-25  51m

David Little, “The Sports Show: Athletics as Image and Spectacle” (University of Minnesota Press, 2012)

Many fans store a vast collection of sports images in their brains. With just a moment’s glance at a picture, even a slice of the picture, they can recognize the athletes, the season, the game, the particular play that the photographer captured.


 2013-09-24  49m